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Joy Russell
28 Nov 2006 19:29 Post #255
Venue : BoomBoom Sutton - Superb Gig

Hi Pete,

Thanks for booking The Zeds again on Sunday 26 November, we really enjoyed their music, shame they were only on for 45mins being the support band. I purchased their CD and it is really great listening. Hope they will be at the Boom Boom Club again soon.
Best regards, Joy & Danny
Darren Wisdom
27 Nov 2006 19:47 Post #254
Venue : BoomBoom Sutton - Pat Travers

Hi Pete,

Thanks once again for bringing over the legendary Canadian hard rock guitarist Pat Travers and his superb band! High octane rock and blues from a real 'old school' master of the craft. Great support from The Zedds as well. Well worth traveling two hours each way across London for. Roll on the next one!

P.S. No possibility of Pat playing The Greenwood at all? It seems a shame that his adopted NW London won't be witnessing the man in action this year.
Chris & Gill Clark
27 Nov 2006 13:24 Post #253
Venue : BoomBoom Sutton

Hi Pete,

just a quick note to thank you for yet another great show (Pat Travers) last night. This is about the 5th show of yours I have been to recently (Man, Zombies, Yardbirds, Deke Leonard) and they have all been excellent - I hope you are able to get some more great acts for next year.

I have really enjoyed the Zeds the last two times I have seen them as I think their compositions are great - I just think they need to work on their vocals - particularly the backing vocals which were very flat at times, but they seemed to get a very good response each time nonetheless.

I think it's unlikely that I'll get a chance to see any of the other shows before Xmas, but hope to support your efforts again early in the new year.

all the best
David Anderson
02 Nov 2006 10:25 Post #252
Venue : Stoney Curtis - Greenwood Inn, Northolt

Congratulations on bringing these guys to play on your circuit !

Was at the gig at Northolt on Friday last, and they were superb, truly a great show

Quality musicians, good tunes, and such lovely guys, they deserve to reach a wider audience

Hope you can get them back.......till then, I have the cd to enjoy

David Anderson
30 Oct 2006 13:30 Post #251
Venue : Carvin Jones - Farnborough FC

Carvin Jones was brilliant! He was Jimi Hendrix meets the Cream and then some. He rightly deserves his accolades for his guitar playing. I know Eric Clapton stated that he was one of the 10 best guitarists in the world and I wouldn't argue with that.

Although the sets seemed short, he did spend the interim signing autographs and chatting. Also he played at least 3 encores as the audience wouldn't let him go. A real showman who intereacted totally with the audience.

I sincerely hope he does return in February. I will certainly get more people down there. This is a show that has to be seen. Surprised
Stoney Curtis
29 Oct 2006 10:30 Post #250
Venue : Northolt, Deal, Sutton

Hello from London, England.. WOW... What an amazing City... What a glorious journey it has been this past week..

I got up Friday morning to start my journey to the UK.. I've never ben to the UK but since I was a kid, I always said, I want to go to England, but I want to go and play music.. We left Germany at around 8am, by the time 3pm rolled around, we had gone through 4 countries, 4 languages and a life long dream realized.. Germany, Belgium, France and now I was stepping into England.. You know these people drive on the wrong side of the street.??

Thanks to Pete Feenstra who has been very supportive of the SCB for setting up these shows...
The 1st show was in the Rayners Lane and this is where we are staying.. A place called the Greenwood Inn.. A Irish pub and hotel.. Kieran and his family and staff have sooo incredible to us.. Thank You so much.. I even got my first ride in a British style car.. What a trip riding on the drivers side as a passenger..
I took the day
Paul Sampson
29 Oct 2006 7:15 Post #249
Venue : Carvin Jones - Farnborough FC

One fan saw Carvin in Stamford on Thursday and was so impressed he travelled to Farnborough to see him again.

To say he is amazing would be an understatement !

The tight three piece outfit create an incredible sound. The drummer, Bass player and Carvin are truly very accomplished musicians.

Carvin spends a lot of the time among the audience and only the short length of his guitar lead prevented him going right to the back of the room. His rapport with the audience is brilliant, you would think he knew everyone personally. The audience participation makes the evening and is an important part of the show.

He has some remarkable tricks, the first was playing his guitar whlist it was laying on a table, then he played using the edge of the table! He played it whilst it was stood on the floor vertically, holding it with one hand, behind his head and from 15' away from it!!! and whilst he was laying on his back on the floor, with his guitar balanced on his feet, wh
Jon Emmett
28 Oct 2006 9:29 Post #248
Venue : Stoney Curtis - Greenwood Inn, Northolt

I went to see Stoney Curtis at your new venue - The Greenwood Inn in Northolt on Fri.
It was your recommendation that took me there - well, what a night of musical entertainment we had.

George on the door to welcome us to the new venue ( he did a fine job of MCing the proceedings - please pass on our thanks to him - and The Bands)

A fine venue with a lot of potential, there was a fair size and first up we had 'The Hook', a very competent support Band, although the sound was a little unbalanced, with the Bass being a bit too loud and the Harmonica player being a bit quiet, this may be because they were using the equipment set up for Stoney Curtis.
All in all though they 'warmed up' the audience well.

Stoney Curtis Band were magnificent!, an extremely inventive guitarist, backed by a very tight rhythm section. Stoney had some sounds coming out of his guitar I've not heard before, and ran through a wide range of music including tunes by Prince, U2 and BB King as w
28 Oct 2006 0:42 Post #247
Venue : Stoney Curtis - Greenwood Inn, Northolt

Dear Pete. Firstly new venue very good only found bar next door a bit noisey. Well, Stoney Curtis what can I say WOW absolutely mind blowing you were right what a night.

regards Steve
23 Oct 2006 17:28 Post #246
Venue : Nimmo Brothers - WAF Club Finchley

Nimmo Brothers were brilliant at the WAF Club last week. Please read Rob's full review.

Needless to say, we all want to see the Nimmos back again soon. Top band, top sound from Vince (ta!). Don't miss these guys for some rockin' ( and melodic!) blues.
Richard Greenhough
14 Oct 2006 10:33 Post #245
Venue : Zombies - BoomBoom Sutton

Hi Pete,

Really enjoyed the Zombies. I'd never seen Colin Blunstone live before, and it was over thirty years since I'd seen Rod Argent - while the last time I saw Jim Rodford was twenty-odd years ago with the Kinks.

Keep up the good work !
Bob Steel
12 Oct 2006 20:03 Post #244
Venue : Walter Trout - BoomBoom Sutton

Great gig on Tuesday with Mr trout- thanks for setting that up!
Ian Gibson
12 Oct 2006 19:57 Post #243
Venue : Walter Trout - BoomBoom Sutton

Thank you for telling me about Walter. Holy fucking sweet mother of Jesus H. Christ man!!! One of the best blues experiences Ive ever had. Top 5!

Anytime you want to recommend another artist ilke that, please, don't hesistate. I'll buy the ticket, buy the cds.. I'll 'go the distance'!!! I've got on Trout live 'no more fish jokes' just mezmerized by it!!! he was so much better than Joe, and so much more fan friendly / audience interactive. Watler's got such animated expressions. What a character!!

Cheers dude!
Dave Phillips
09 Oct 2006 12:57 Post #242
Venue : Joe Bonamassa - BoomBoom Sutton

Just wanted to say thanks from me and my son for the tickets for Joe Bonamassa , he was fantastic, it was awesome to spend 2 hours standing 4 foot in front of a man with such talent.

You have a great club there, hope to visit again somewhen.

Many many thanks
kind regards
Andy Kimber
08 Oct 2006 9:34 Post #241
Venue : Joe Bonamassa - BoomBoom Sutton

brilliant gig last night Pete with Joe B-and you better get the Sole Stone River back as soon as possible!
Darren Wisdom
21 Aug 2006 11:39 Post #240
Venue : Harrow Tithe Farm Social Club (Rayners)

Hi Pete,

Thank you so much for putting on the wonderful Frankie Miller's Full House at Harrow Tithe Farm Social Club last Saturday. Best gig I've seen in ages!

Best regards,
David Phillips
19 Aug 2006 15:30 Post #239
Venue : BoomBoom Club - Sutton

Well done Pete, Roxy Magic were brilliant last night. Get them back
Phil Honley
07 Aug 2006 14:17 Post #238
Venue : BoomBoom Club - Sutton

Thoroughly enjoyed Skinny Molly last night at the Boom Boom. It was great to see Mike Estes rattle off the old Skynyrd favourites culminating with Freebird of course.
The highlight for me, however, was the exceptional talent that he had on drums. From what I understand he is 17 year old Ashley Sims from these shores and he has been drumming for most of his life. In fact I believe he reached the finals of the best under 16 drummer at the age of 13.............brilliant stuff and I will definitely be in for tickets when they next play Sutton.
Roger Bentley
22 Jul 2006 11:49 Post #237
Venue : BoomBoom Club - Sutton - John O'Leary Band

Just like to pass on my warmest regards to John and the band and especially to John for his music 'lifetime achievement'. I'll always remember fondly the time they let me jam with them. A great bunch of musicians and great people. John has done so much over the years to promote and stay true to the blues, encouraging younger musicians with his open mind and eclectic tastes. The current band is a repository for superb and burgeoning talents. Good luck tonight and although I can't be there I hope I'll see you all soon.
Richard Woodward
11 Jul 2006 18:22 Post #236
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Dear Mr Feenstra

Thanks for letting me know. I have been to Beards a couple of times but I guess there are other venues round London where R 'n B can continue.

Richard Woodward
Michele Key
11 Jul 2006 14:59 Post #235
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure


I'm gobsmacked!

So sorry to hear of this.......... terrible news. Its been a superb venue with credit due to you. So a very big thank you from the 'John Carroll' gang.

I hope a new venture will phoneix from the ashes of Tooting.

Good luck if this in the case......................

Alexander Mann
11 Jul 2006 14:30 Post #234
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Hi Pete,
Just got your email about Beards - really sad news. Aside from a personal interest, I'm also an officer for the Musician's Union. There are far too few Blues clubs in the UK so this will be a real blow to performers and artists.

Take care,
Alex Mann
Rosemary Jones
11 Jul 2006 9:59 Post #233
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Its such a shame that Jacks has shut but its just the same in Streatham we had a great pub call the P.O. that was great for all the great talents around the area to play. The Tulse Hill Tavern - The Greyhound all went the same way. The Telegraph is a good venue along Brixton Hill if your young - they don't play our music though.
Keep in touch and keep Rocking
Rose and Steve
John Bell
11 Jul 2006 9:33 Post #232
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Hi Pete,
Sorry to hear about the loss of yet another top live music venue. It was too far away for me to travel to and from, so I never visited, but always wished that I didn't have to miss such great gigs.
I hope that the Tithe Farm Rayners is doing well. I do my best to get there when I can.

Cheers, John Bell
Peter Hamilton
11 Jul 2006 6:40 Post #231
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Hi Pete,
sorry to hear the news...Carla and I really enjoyed the gigs we attended. Great music in a no nonsense venue.

Keep the faith.

Jon Male
10 Jul 2006 21:31 Post #230
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Shame Pete

I'll always remeber the butch girl bouncer who sorted out the electrics for Joe Bonamassa there. What a gig that was!

Phil Hunt
10 Jul 2006 19:36 Post #229
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Pete, Sad news indeed but possibly not surprising after Saturday!
I have to say that myself and my companions much prefer Beards to Boom Boom because of the high ceiling and rather nicer less smoky venue. At least one could escape to the outer bar area and still enjoy the music.

Aah well, nothing stays the same for long these days. Perhaps I will never get to see the Hamsters!
Cheers anyway. Don't get too despondent. keep up the great work.
Izzy Valenti
10 Jul 2006 19:33 Post #228
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Gosh i am so sorry to hear this you were the only decent place in the whole of the Wandsworth/Lambeth area. you will be sadly missed. thanks so much for all the fantastic evenings you treated us to. good luck Izzy
Aiden McCloat
10 Jul 2006 16:16 Post #227
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Dear Pete, Sorry to hear of the closure of yet another live music venue. Although a struggle sometimes to get across from se9 it was usually well worth it. We are deperately short of good music venues here in south east london as you no doubt know.

Have you been to, or tried your luck for a blues night with the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford. Always good on a Thursday night with Geff Whitehorn's Gambler (ex Paul Rodgers and others) but most other nights very hit n miss. Could there be an opening there for you? South East London needs more outlets for the likes of Ruthless blues etc.

All the best,
Garry Lea
10 Jul 2006 15:46 Post #226
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Sorry to hear this, please keep trying to keep live music a success, thanks for booking us to the Boom Boom club when Stan Webb was there a few weeks ago.

Thanks also for the newsletters, would like to make more gigs but it not easy.

Garry Lea
Clare Cooper
10 Jul 2006 15:33 Post #225
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

Oh, Pete - I'm so sorry to hear that! And we only managed to get there the once, but I've been telling everyone what a great venue it is, ever since!

Really sorry...

Clare X
June Fraser
10 Jul 2006 15:29 Post #224
Venue : Re: Beards Blues in Tooting closure

That's really bad news Pete, we were impressed with the venue.
Presume you'll be looking for somewhere else?
Regards from Ian and June
maggs cattermole
01 Jul 2006 0:49 Post #223
Venue : Claptonite at the new Rayners - 30.06.06

What can I say?! - I'm speechless, breathless and didn't even know which way to get into the car on the way home!! Claptonite were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You really felt you'd been to a Clapton concert. Everything from the choice of material to Alan Earp's amazing resemblance to the man himself - even more youthful! - was out of this world.

We bought the CD, can't wait to see them again and all I can say is - who needs drugs or alcohol - just go and see Claptonite and you'll come away high - I promise you - I did!!

Maggs - proud to be an aging hippie!
Mike Collins
14 Jun 2006 15:01 Post #222
Venue : Sutton - BoomBoom

Took the girlfriend to see Audience last Sunday.
We are both in our fifties but our musical tastes differ a lot.
She is into Robbie Williams etc and me...well I'm an aging hippie, albeit with short hair these days.

Anyway, she loved did I.
Blew us away.
Keep booking the oldies mate.

Peter Shortle
13 Jun 2006 0:37 Post #221
Venue : Audience at the Boom Boom Sutton

Hi Pete thanks for great Audience show at Boom Boom Sunday 11th June despite the heat. A good turn out at gig. a few pictures now added to
Roger Ford
06 Jun 2006 21:30 Post #220
Venue : Fantastic Weekend at Sutton - BoomBoom

What a fantastic weekend at the Boom-Boom.

On Friday Man gave their usual great gig, timeless old numbers and a few new ones and were superbly supported by The Green Ray, Richard Treece can certainly play that guitar.

Then on Sunday, What can I say, Mountain were superb, fantastic old numbers from West, Laing and Scarlett. Leslie West seems to find it hard these days but that did not stop him performing. A special mention for Corky Laing, I have never seen a drummer put so much into a performance, rivers of sweat poured from the man, and at his age!!!
The look of delight on Pete Feenstra's face as they played the last number Mississippi Queen said it all.

Keep real music live Pete.
Roger Ford

PS: some photos in the
Bob Hartnup
05 Jun 2006 9:00 Post #219
Venue : Sutton - BoomBoom

we would like to thank you for giving us the oppotunity to see the great leslie west & corky laing. it really was a great night enjoyed by everyone.looking forward to the next time!!!! once again thanks..
bob hartnup
Clare Cooper
15 May 2006 8:46 Post #218
Venue : Sutton

Hello Pete,
Thanks for a truly FANTASTIC night on Friday!!!! The New Amen Corner were SUPERB and my friend Steve said he could've seen them again the following night - praise indeed! I think we all could - so please bring them back again soon!

Best wishes.

Clare X
Jon Emmett
15 May 2006 6:47 Post #217
Venue : Finchley

Hello Everybody, Just a quick message, to say how much we enjoyed seeing the John O'Leary Band on Sun.

First class music from all concerned, please pass on our appreciation to all who where in the Band.

Thanks Pete for putting on this fabulous show.

If it weren't for you guys putting in so much effort, Live Music wouldn't be worth going out for.

Keep The Music Live
See You All Soon
Ian Fry
14 May 2006 20:07 Post #216
Venue : Sutton - BoomBoom

Great night with Amen Corner on fri.looking forward to Bowie and Elo.
Jean Leahy
30 Apr 2006 15:23 Post #215
Venue : Sutton - BoomBoom

We came to see The Bohemians on Friday 28th April at Sutton and I would just like to say how much we enjoyed the concert. The band were fantastic and bring them back if possible. Thanks again.

steve johnston
26 Apr 2006 23:42 Post #214
Venue : Sutton - BoomBoom

hi pete, just to let you know that the perfect alibi gig was fantastic !! the sound was spot on, well done to all.
Jeff Atkins
17 Apr 2006 18:20 Post #213
Venue : Potters Bar Herts.

The Steve Arvey Band played a brill gig at the Finchley & Wingate last week. For any of you out there that have not caught this band, try and check them out next time they are in town.
Ruthless Blues, the previous week were their normal excellent selves....even though Stevie managed a few hilarious gaffs. (That's all part ot the gig.)
As a quick foot note. Blues Caraven at the New Rayners were excellent. I cannot stress how good this night was. Watch out for this gig in the future if you could not make it this time around.
Graham Mincher
09 Apr 2006 10:30 Post #212
Venue : Sutton

Credit when credit's due.
Who's Who on Friday at boom boom club was first class. The band was extremely accurate and as a part time 'aged' drummer myself, knows how damn good ther drummer is.
As one of the 'dissapointees' of the earlier S.O.S. Gig a while ago, i can only say Friday night more than made up for it. More power to your elbow Pete!!
Matt Bullard
03 Apr 2006 11:51 Post #211
Venue : Bromley


huge thank you for getting the main man Otis Grand over here on Saturday at Tooting. He was as always superb and his guitar playing is second to none...pure emotion - what a great band he has.

I only hope he comes back soon and we dont get to see enough of him in London. Now, what with BB hanging up his hat and retiring from touring, Otis is the only man left doing it like it should be done.

Good job Pete and thanks again

Matt (TTB)
Chas Williams
01 Feb 2006 10:48 Post #210
Venue : Bromley

Thanks Pete for putting on the wonderful Carvin Jones and the excellent To The Bridge at Orpington last night.
A great night and I hope many more will be possible


ian collier
12 Jan 2006 15:38 Post #209

did i read correctly,claptonite is the last gig at the
bad news
Paul Wingrove
02 Jan 2006 14:26 Post #208
Venue : Carshalton

Just want to say Happy New Year, and congratulate you on the truly excellent job you do promoting such high quality live music.
Cat Anderson
29 Dec 2005 13:02 Post #207
Venue : Morecambe

look forward to seeing you again in 2006
hope you had a great christmas
by the band big dez are amazing i saw them in apeldoorn holland in june what great band
stay safe
Gary Bowyer
15 Dec 2005 15:08 Post #206
Venue : Sutton, Surrey

Pete, Sunday was my first SAS Band gig and I have to say it was superb. I realise that the delay outside was out of your control and I reckon Spike and band do too. Good work fella, see you in 2006!
Mark Andrews
14 Dec 2005 12:47 Post #205
Venue : Sutton

Hello Pete,

Just wanted to let you know that I have posted a message on the SAS Band website with regard to Sundays gig.

It must have been a very stressful time for yourself and the only complaint I have is with regard to the lack of information for those of us stuck in the queue outside. I did get in and only missed the first three songs - So I was one of the lucky ones. I hope that all your bridges with the SAS Band have not been burnt and Spike realises you were really up against it.

It was a great gig and I hope to see you soon.

Cheers Mark
Anthony French
13 Dec 2005 0:48 Post #204
Venue : Sutton

Pete - just to say thanks for last Friday's gig with Albert Lee - it was without question the best gig I've been to for a long time! I could take that sort of stuff every week! Please do ask him back.


Helen Gill
12 Dec 2005 12:04 Post #203
Venue : Lower Kingswood

Dear Pete,

Thanks for the email. I did not realise that someone had apparently deliberately sabotaged the event ' how very petty of them. Regardless of waiting out in the cold, I have to admit that the show was spectacular and the fact that we had to wait outside a little bit longer than normal, just made the anticipation of the show greater. I, for one, was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole night ' once my feet had decided to thaw out!!

I hope that this does not mean that the SAS Band will not play in Sutton again, as this incident was beyond your control and as soon as you could rectify the matter and let people in, you did. The only slip was that no-one had made an announcement to the people waiting outside but Spike explained briefly what had happened when he came on stage and you made an announcement at the end of the evening, so all the bases seem to have been covered. I have never been disappointed at a gig at Sutton and I just hope that this incident does not
Mick Dines
12 Dec 2005 10:37 Post #202

Hi Pete I would like to thank you and your staff for a fantastic show last night. I am so sorry to learn, after the event, of the problems you encountered.You really do not deserve that. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for bringing quality live music to Sutton on a regular and professional basis. Well Done. See you Friday night.
Mick Dines
Pete Feenstra
12 Dec 2005 10:11 Post #201
Venue : Sutton

Thanks to everyone who justifiably complained about last night's events. Please accept what is written below as an explanation of events on the night. I am still thinking about things at present, but this is meant as an explanation and apology. I have made a note of all of you who could not get in.

Unreserved apologies to all about last night. Somebody called fire brigade to say we had over sold the event, which was not true. In fact the officials turned up before doors opened, and were very fair. They asked for the license which after some confusion was duly found, but unbelievably ( and this is true) the council who issued the paper work had not put a figure on the document., ie; there is no bow anywhere, and this will affect all licensed premised with the same paper work.

Up to last night we had always worked to the figures discussed at the initial licensing meeting, which took place last summer. In the event the fire people took a look allowed us 200 and said they would return to
David Hughes
11 Dec 2005 15:53 Post #200
Venue : Camberley

A fantastic opening to what we all hope will be a long and happy link with Farnborough Town at the Dug Out. It was a major privilege to see and hear Albert Lee and Pete Wingfield having such fun and giving such fantastic value for money. I'd have been happy with the first 60-minute set; to get over an hour more was sheer heaven. Hope you were happy too!
Robin Douglas
11 Dec 2005 11:02 Post #199
Venue : Farnborough

Hi Pete

By way of intrduction I'm the senile old pillock from last night who thought he had paid by credit card.

Anyway, last night was about the 4th or 5th time I'd seen Albert under the auspices of the Feenstra empire and was probably the best. I thoroughly approve of your new venue and hope it proves very successful for you.

As for Albert and Hogan's Heroes, well it's all been said before. Fantastic.

Thank you for a great musical evening.

Frank Friedlos
04 Dec 2005 17:36 Post #198
Venue : Wimbledon

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash at Boom Boom. To quote a friend for whom they were new: "very good aren't they?". Dead right, and put the accent on the "very". I've always held a candle for their brand of melodic, structured, but still meaty rock, and I thought this was a classic performance. I've still got a grin on my face. Well done Martin and Co., and well done Pete. A night to remember.
26 Nov 2005 22:16 Post #197
Venue : USA

Nice site... Good luck
Rob Jennings
21 Nov 2005 17:03 Post #196
Venue : Sutton


I have been an avid follower of Sherman Robertson for a long time now and last night at the Boom Boom witnessed a man at the top of his game. I was shocked at how good he was and wanted to thank you for bringing him over and giving us the chance to see such a renowned and major talent, one of the best gigs I have seen.
To top it off I believe we witnessed a blues star in the making from the excellent support band To the Bridge. Matt Bullard's stinging and powerful guitar and gruff vocals were a real treat and I noticed how Sherman kept making reference to him througout his set, he was obviously impressed. Good luck to them as they have a real future in the blues in my opinion.
A fantastic night of blues thanks to you, To The Bridge and of course Mr King of the Blues himself Sherman Robertson...can't wait till next time!!!!
Hugh French
02 Nov 2005 15:43 Post #195
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

We had a fantastic evening at the Boom Boom on Monday. Walter Trout and the Radicals were at their brillint best and Steve Fister was a revalation, a sort of Jeff Beck and Slash rolled into one! I hope you`ll be able to get him and his superb band back to Sutton sometime soon.

Both Walter and Steve both gave my son William, a budding blues/rock guitarist, their picks which topped the night off wonderfully for him. Over the last few months we have seen some incredible talent both at the Boom Boom and Beards, at unbelievabley good ticket prices. I`d like to thank you for bringing such great music to our doorsteps , and for giving me the chance to show my kids such superb musical talents without breaking the bank!

Keep up the fantastic work.
Phil McNiel
29 Oct 2005 12:23 Post #194
Venue : London

Hi. We saw the Stuart James Band at the Bull's Head in Barnes last night, and for the person who was asking what sort of band they are, here's the answer.
They are a hard rock blues trio, in the mould of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter and, of course, the Experience. It's Stuart James plus his 24-year-old brother on bass and a 19-year-old drummer -- and they are absolutely amazing.
They were a last-minute stand-in for the American bluesman Carvin Jones. We had never heard of Stuart James until yesterday, but we thought we'd go along anyway. I'm so glad we did because not only did we make a great discovery, but without the two of us there would have been an audience of just FOUR people for the first half of the show! But as one of our fellow audience members said afterwards, "I feel like I've stolen something, seeing a band that good for just six quid."
Stuart is possibly the best blues rock guitarist I've seen live since... well, SRV himself. It is thrilling when
tania stocks
27 Oct 2005 8:23 Post #193
Venue : roehampton

Shame that Carvin Jones cancelld at the Bulls Head yesterday evening, I was looking forward to that big time!

However, the stand in band were so amazing we didn't really care! The Stuart James Band will surely go far

Thanks again
David Ord
24 Oct 2005 18:25 Post #192
Venue : Redhill, Surrey

Great set from Sinnerboy at Sutton on Friday - took me right back to the happy and slightly drunken moments I used to spend standing on a chair playing air guitar in the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Great stuff, boys - Rory would be proud of youse!
Sally Smart
16 Oct 2005 19:46 Post #191
Venue : NE England

Keep up the great work Pete - Keep 'em coming over!

You might want to stop by the Smart Choice Music store to see what we're trying to do to help advance Americana music in the UK and beyond.

Launched at the AMA convention in Nashville last month - tell us what sort of music we shoudl be stocking!

Thanks for reading. Sally.
ian c
11 Oct 2005 10:30 Post #190
Venue : harrow

any chance of getting delbert mcclinton,great new album....just email him and he will come over!!
according to his website
see you soon pete.
Frank Friedlos
09 Oct 2005 19:41 Post #189
Venue : Wimbledon

Perfect Alibi at BoomBoom.
That was one great show. It really did live up to everything promised. Music and stage act absolutely spot on.
This one goes straight into my list of bands to see next time. It's getting to be a long list, Pete!

18 Sep 2005 11:50 Post #188
Venue : Twickenham

Hi Pete
Thanks for getting VINCENT FLATTS FINAL DRIVE to the Beards Club last night - Boogie at its best !!
Bertie, ably aupported (?) by Jack Daniels, was at his brilliant best and Curly (gtr.), Jamie (drums) and the sax and bass (sorry lads, I didn't catch your names) really rocked it along.
With a great gig by Deke Leonard and ICEBERG at the Boom Boom Club on Friday it made for a memorable weekend.
01 Sep 2005 10:27 Post #187
Venue : UK

Found you whilst looking up "The Chicago Thieves"
Saw them at Colne, Brilliant.
14 Aug 2005 10:24 Post #186
Venue : Rochester

Pete, Thanks for all the good gigs you've laid on over the years. wish we could get to more of them!
Uncle Ian (Ruthless) tells me we missed something special with Imperial Crowns. They MUST be good! Will have to make do with their 3 cds i just ordered for now. Future bookings???

Meantime.. any news on Carl 'The Truth' Chapman/Flyovers? still listening to the sole cd i possess (All I Want From You is a crackin' track).

As for the dissapointed Jefferson 'fan' -((below)- come on mate, you see a piece of rock history for a measly £15 and bitch cos the band was having a bit of an off day? Don't tell him, but Pete's prices are a bargain! We could easily 'lig' it at some gigs, but i prefer to pay...i get paid for working.
If we're ever at the same gig (Ruthless Blues?) i'll buy you a pint. Pete will point me out to you!
cheers, Steve from Rochester.

ps. i don't like Jefferson.....sorreee!
13 Aug 2005 14:27 Post #185
Venue : Caterham

Great site Pete, and great work.

Do you have any plans for Walter Trout gigs in the pipeline other than the 8th August gig which I missed? I haven't been able to get to see him for a while now.

Anyone on here seen or heard Helium Soul? I caught them at an album launch in Farhnam and they were Mighty with a big M!!! Theyre album is cool too.



10 Aug 2005 16:16 Post #184
Venue : HARROW

02 Aug 2005 12:49 Post #183
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Hi Pete
Well could Amen corner take the crown from 4 bills, what a superb gig, all numbers were well performed and fresh,between us we knew every number that was played, I was glad to hear hardly any medly numbers or tunes merging into each other just the pure music.I'm sure you will invite them back again to a full house.

Beware Johnny Warman!
Best wishes Mick.
Doris & Richard Burton
01 Aug 2005 13:10 Post #182
Venue : Sutton


Another triumph

The New Amen Corner at the Boom Boom on Friday were really good. They should definately come back for another visit
ian collier
29 Jul 2005 10:02 Post #181
Venue : hatch end


born to run at the rayners on the 23 july,were excellent.
bring them back down the motorway soon,pete.

Terry Robbins
21 Jul 2005 18:02 Post #180
Venue : Austin, Texas USA

Hi Pete,

I want to thank you in advance for putting on Hamilton Loomis at BEARDS BLUES@JACK BEARD'S in Sept 2005 on Friday, Sept 2nd.

The Blues music fans of the greater London area are in for a real treat when the young Houston, Texas artist takes the stage that night.

I would also like to invite everyone to view our website ( and attend any of our additional 20 UK performance dates as we tour throughout England, South Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

During the UK tour, we will be taping a live interview with Paul Jones to be aired on the BBC Radio 2 Blues show.
And we of course are looking forward to performing on the Main International stage as one of the headline acts at the annual Colne Blues Festival on Monday, August 29th at 7:30 PM.

Thanks again Pete for bringing real, authentic International Blues music acts from Texas, to the greater London area.

We are all looking forward to performing at your ven
Frank Friedlos
29 Jun 2005 20:52 Post #179
Venue : Beards Blues

Mojo Buford & band.

The word that defines that evening is FUN. Great music, but what made it different is that it was just so real. Ever seen someone bust two guitar strings and replace them, while the band fill in, carrying on singing while rewinding a string and tuning up at the same time, all in one song? That was Tommy Allan, leading "The Mojo Buford Band" for the evening. As to Mojo Buford himself, it was such a great performance. I've never heard blues singing and harmonica playing like that except on records, and it counts for so much more when they're only a few feet away. We knew he was a somebody, but so what? It would still have been a superb show from anybody. Talent like that never fades. Sorry to repeat myself, but there was such a sense of the presence of real music happening right in front of your ears.

Great show Pete, Keep It Up
Doris & Richard
26 Jun 2005 21:55 Post #178
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Hi Pete
Just to say thank you for the Searchers friday night, they were brilliant as usual Thanks for getting them at the Boom Boom Club
Keep up the good work of promoting live music

Thanks again
Doris and Richard Burton
Chas Williams
23 Jun 2005 16:48 Post #177
Venue : Bromley

I hear that the 'Studio' venue in Beckenham is to re-open run by management who will allow live music nights.
Pete,any chance of you promoting some gigs there in the future for the musically starved masses of Bromley and surrouding areas ?
J.Starship and Man at Boom-Boom recently were great nights.
Peter Shortle
22 Jun 2005 0:25 Post #176
Venue : Ashford Kent

Thanks Pete for Howard Werth (Audience) and John Fisher ( Audience drums) gig at the Bulls Head Barnes monday 20th June 2005.Dont know what happened to the people must have been fixed to the start of Wimbledon but you missed a real British Legend in excellent form playing quite brilliantly.Come on AUDIENCE fans get out there and support a music icon by turning up to the gigs.send me an email and i will put you on a mail list for future not allow another 30+ years to go by.
17 Jun 2005 13:41 Post #175
Venue : Colliers wood

25 May Sutton Jefferson Starship/Airplane were unbelievable--White Rabbit,Wooden Ships,Sketches of China all in the Clubhouse of Sutton United,even the moron who mistook improvisation for rehearsing couldn't break the magical spell.Paul Kantner,David Freiberg et al I salute you
Frank Friedlos
13 Jun 2005 19:25 Post #174
Venue : Wimbledon

Re:Marcus Malone Band @ Beards Blues Tooting

Marcus Malone & band played a brilliant two set show at Beards Blues, Tooting, Sat. 11th. June. All original songs, varied genres, but mostly well written melodious rhythmic rock. Blues in parts, and the occasional nod towards the heavy. Great voice, and Marcus puts over a good show too. If he and the band come back to this country, I will definitely be going. Recommended!

Beards Blues is a nice venue. Good sized music room, decent pub furniture, very easy access to dedicated bar with quick cheerful service, easy access to loos, exit etc and it is separate from the general pub (you go in from an entrance down a side street).

All in all, keep it up!

Phil Hunt
11 Jun 2005 19:44 Post #173
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Re: Rollin' Stoned Pete,
Pete, We did get in and although sound seemed a bit off at times we had a great evening thanks.
I've been playing my 'Stones stuff all day! The band certainly got everyone down the front going and kept it so. Great value night out.
Who was the great big bloke with the shirt off? he can stand in front of me any time he likes!!!!

Fran Leslie
07 Jun 2005 18:32 Post #172
Venue : London Astoria

Dear Pete,

Thank you for yesterday and congratulations to you, Don, Pete Brown and Arthur for a very successful concert. It was a triumph of organisation.

When I interviewed Jack Bruce a couple of years back (pre-transplant), we talked about Dick and he was obviously very fond of him, as we all were. I told him Dick was ill and he said he would call him. I hope he did.

I hope to see you soon at some of the other great gigs you are putting on.

Blues In Britain
Bob Elms
07 Jun 2005 10:41 Post #171
Venue : London Astoria

Astoria last night:
A Tribute to Dick Heckstall Smith

A fantastic evening and a wonderful tribute to one of the worlds best saxophonists. PLEASE try and do it again next year.

Bob Elms
Nigel Bayliss
07 Jun 2005 9:34 Post #170
Venue : London Astoria

Pete - I was at the Astoria last night for the superb Dick Heckstall-Smith tribute evening. Awesome evening - which you clearly enjoyed too!

Can you help with a point of information - who was the impressive guitarist who appeared with both the John O'leary band & as 2nd guitarist with Mick Taylor? He had a beard & close cropped hair! Does he have a regular band? Cheers - Nigel

[Reply: Jules Fothergill. You can find out more about him at]
Ludger Wilmott
02 Jun 2005 11:28 Post #169
Venue : Tunbridge Wells

I have just been given details of your website and club by a member so I was blissfully unaware until now that I was missing a performance by the great Jefferson Starship though I did manage to catch them at Knebworth in 1978.

The comments regarding the performance were interesting for the following reasons.

Though I have a full time job I do promote live music at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells as a 'hobby' with a colleague. Luckily we do it for a love of live music. If we were 'in it for the money' we would have given up after the second gig two years ago.
Luckily we don't do this for a living our efforts being subsidised by our full time incomes

Financially we are only committed to covering the cost of hiring the venue which happily is given to us at reduced rates because we are both chummy with the management of The Forum.

That said we have to charge £5 entrance to cover the hire and our costs for three local or south coast bands many of whom are only to
Phil Davies
25 May 2005 22:53 Post #168
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Pete et al
Jefferson Starship were superb. The prat obviously didn't understand what a privelege it was to have one of America's greatest bands playing such a small venue as the Boom Boom Club and the problems with sound that would cause. He 'paid good money, not to watch them rehearse' - I hardly call ??15 a lot of money to be a few feet away from such great musicians. I may be biased but it was good to watch a band with such a wonderful female singer.

Mountain, Man and now J A, what next for the West Coast Music capital of England?

Well done for procuring the booking - God knows how you did it.
Many thanks
Phil Davies
25 May 2005 18:33 Post #167
Venue : Hastings

Joe bonamassa at beards blues on Fri 20th...Superb gig..Took along a couple of mates who had never heard of him and they left in awe...Class act.
Pete Feenstra
23 May 2005 23:40 Post #166
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Well Jim, I usually reply to any sort of feedback in a courteous and positive manner, and I don't intend to stop now. But let me give you my view. For the first 30 minutes I thought it the band was OK, if not a bit too picky about the sound, then the show got noticeably better. The guy in the crowd's comments were primarily directed at Diana the singer who seemed to walk round the stage looking as if she didnt know what was going on. In fact it appeared she was having an almighty row with her partner Prairie the drummer, which the guy in the crowd seemed mistake as the band being under-rehearsed. Regarding that actual point, this band has just been in Europe, was far from under rehearsed and took the stage without their normal road crew who were involved in a fracas at The Mean Fiddler the night before!

There were numerous other problems that I won't bore you with, but I do have to say that I along with 99 per cent of the rest of the crowd (including the guys from The Express, Classic Rock and Re
Jim White
23 May 2005 23:02 Post #165
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

I went along to see Jefferson Starship last night and I was really disappointed.
My wife thought they were dreadful and left after half an hour. I stuck around hoping things would improve, they did for a couple of songs but it was patchy. The guy in the audience who said it was like paying to watch a rehearsal was spot on. And later you might have heard their singer say 'I think the guy in the audience was probably right'. You charged considerably more than usual for this band and it wasn't worth it. I'll certainly be a lot more cautious about future gigs!
Andrew Riggs
23 May 2005 22:13 Post #164
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton - Jefferson Starship

I attended the Starship gig on Saturday and write reviews for the Americana web site.
Check it out at, I made mention of the Boom Boom Club and where to contact you for details of forthcoming visitors.
Best regards
Andy Riggs
Tony Philpot
23 May 2005 22:08 Post #162
Venue : Beard's Blues, Tooting

Awesome gig by Joe Bonamassa, thanks to you. Hope you can get him back someday.
Keep up the good work.
Phil Hunt
23 May 2005 20:42 Post #163
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton - Jefferson Starship

Pete, you really did it this time! What a bloody good evening. I could see that you were as blown away by the band as we all were. As for the guy who opened - Tom Constanten I think you said he was, he was a charming guy and what a voice!
Money well spent. Thanks again Pete.
Eddie Butler
23 May 2005 14:15 Post #161
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Hi Pete
thanks for your hospitality at the Jefferson Starship gig, it was a fantastic night for me, my wife and the boy, it was his first gig and to meet Prairie was unbelievable for him, especially Prairie throwing his drumsticks to him, (there's a bit of a stewards enquiry about who owns 'em, me or him, so we decided we own one each)!!
By the way when Prairie gave me his autograph I gave him a few tracks on a CD that were off of my album I recorded in '84, my band were called Exposure, (we done an album and 3 singles that were played a little bit on Radio 1 etc..) I hope he didn't leave it in the dressing room, but if he did you're welcome to it mate, I think you might like it.
Anyway thanks again, especially from my boy Nick hope to see you again very soon

Jeremy Lynn
23 May 2005 14:14 Post #160
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Thanks for putting on a terrific show last night [Jefferson Starship]: great band, surreal venue.
Well done!
Phil Honley
23 May 2005 13:56 Post #159
Venue : BoomBoom, Sutton

Great Jefferson Starship gig last night. It was pure rock 'n' roll, what with the onstage war between Diana Mangano and Prairie Prince.....what was that all about? and the tosser is the audience being expertly put in his place by Paul Kantner. I just loved it when he offered to join him for a drink. And coupled with that they put on a great show. Slick Aguilar is some guitarist and Diana Mangano was excellent. Best gig I've been to for a long time and I've been to a few belters, especially at The Boom Boom.

Unfortunately the change in venue/timing of Joe Bonamassa meant that I had to miss out. When do we get the opportunity to see this guy again? You made it quite clear that we all missed out on the best gig of the century!

See yer
Jim Moody
23 May 2005 3:01 Post #158
Venue : USA

I understand you just hosted a young man that I hold in the highest regards, Joe Bonamassa. I have had the pleasure of promoting Joe here in the USA several times in the last 2 years and I must say there isn't a more class act than the Joe Bonamassa band. True professionals. I treat them with respect and have gotten it back many times over. If you are ever on this side of the Atlantic look me up and I'll show you how a guest should be treated. Oklahoma City isn't the most glamorous destination but we try to treat those that visit in such a way that they might want to return.
12 May 2005 23:30 Post #157
Venue : UK

We're really looking forward to playing at Rayners on Sat May 21st.
Hope to see you all there

Greg Taylor
08 May 2005 11:27 Post #156
Venue : Rayners, Harrow

Pete, what a fantastic gig on Friday night! Thanks for getting Ian Parker back for us, it was worth the wait for such a breathtaking performance.

I've never seen a Rayners audience in such awe! we'll be talking about it for months!
thanks again
Greg Taylor
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