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04 May 2005 23:03 Post #155
Venue : Crewe, England

Excellent site Pete, well done.
Great to have so many links to all these great bands on one page. Has been added to my favourites.

By the way if anyone who reads this, is looking for original song lyrics please click my website link. I have loads of lyrics on there just waiting for someone to add the music to them and then record them. So come on don't be shy, get on there and see if there's anything that interests you.
04 May 2005 22:58 Post #154
Venue : Crewe, England

Excellent site Pete. Great to have somewhere that I can get direct links to so many bands on one page. Has been added to my favourites.
22 Apr 2005 14:30 Post #153
Venue : Surrey

Really enjoyed the Climax Blues Band at Sutton and that superb support band Storm Warning. I will definitely be at the Storm Warning gig on Sunday 1st May at The Green Man, Barnet.
Delbert Black
22 Apr 2005 14:28 Post #152
Venue : Buckinghamshire

Really enjoyed the Climax Blues Band at Sutton and that superb support band Storm Warning. I definately be at the Storm Warning gig at The Green Man, Barnet on Sunday 1st May
13 Apr 2005 21:55 Post #151
Venue : Surrey

Good site. Glad somebody is keeping this music accessible. Keep it up!
13 Apr 2005 10:29 Post #150

IMHO it would be one hell of an idea to bring back The Mellotones... those Dutch rockers just blew me away!!
Thank you, Duane
peter shortle
11 Apr 2005 23:12 Post #149
Venue : ashford, kent

Hi to everyone who turned up for the fantastic AUDIENCE at the Boom Boom Sutton,great show by the band.You can see pictures of most of Audience's 2004 and 2005 gigs at and the bands own web site at thanks for supporting the band.
09 Apr 2005 11:57 Post #148
Venue : Rayners

I went to the Rayners last week to see The Price & enjoyed the gig and the venue - cool in an old school sort of way which London had been missing. Much friendlier than the attitudes of staff employed at the likes of Barfly & Mean Fiddler empire. Bar prices more sensible too - went to the Underworld on Sat - ??3.40 a pint for gawds sake........
John Downs
07 Apr 2005 18:57 Post #147
Venue : Carshalton

Pete, how about getting The John O'Leary Band to do another Paul Butterfield night! They are beginning to sound more like them every time I see them!
Michael James Sexton
06 Apr 2005 13:17 Post #146
Venue : Crayford, Kent

Pete, any chance of booking Rainbow Rising in the future? The nearest the band get is The Cartoon in Croydon, which although just down the road has a late licence, meaning bands on stage not much bfore 10pm. (Us fifty-somethings need our bedrest!)
Alan Bates
05 Apr 2005 14:38 Post #145
Venue : Fleet, Hants

My second visit to the Boom Boom in recent weeks was another real treat with a cracking performance by the Climax Blues Band. As one of the bands I had never managed to catch before, I decided to take on the Friday night traffic and was pleased I had. Even the M25 experience paled into insignificance after two hours of high energy Rock???n???Blues from what must be one the most accomplished touring bands I have seen for some time. After so many years on the road it is so refreshing to see a band appreciate the audience as much as the audience appreciated the band.

The Boom Boom has been a real find for me and I will be back for Otis Grand, but not before I do Rayners on Friday night.

Keep it up Pete, it is appreciated.



Any more plans for Farnborough Town FC?
chris butcher
04 Apr 2005 14:03 Post #144

Superb gig at the BoomBoom Sutton

Climax blues were as good as ever, great gig. Please don't leave it too long before inviting them back.

nice one pete!!
29 Mar 2005 20:27 Post #143
Venue : Ruislip

Re:Limehouse Lizzy at the Rayners

In reply to the complaint below, they did make a few slightly sarcastic comments about there only being '15' in there when they kicked off, but almost everyone danced all the way through the gig and they played as good a set as I have ever seen them play. They were a little late coming on (some bloke next to me was moaning) and had no break, so maybe coming on 15 mins earlier and having a break MIGHT have been better, but I was fine with it all, so was my mate Steve who comes down with me most nights, and another mate Graham, who had not been before.

Denzil Kerans
28 Mar 2005 18:47 Post #142
Venue : Rayners

Re:Limehouse Lizzy at the Rayners Saturday 26th March.

For information.

The Band did not come on stage untill 10p.m. which was very late and definitely not appreciated by the assembled crowd. Front man kept making references to the small size of the audience and gave the impression that he wanted to get the performance over and done with and go home. When they are on form this is a very entertaining tribute but in my opinion they did not give of their best last Saturday. We felt lucky to get about an hour and a half out of them. Not one of this band's best performances.
See you again soon.
23 Mar 2005 14:43 Post #141

Went to see Rollin Stoned at the Rayners 12th March and was blown away by their brilliance not to mention a few beers along the way.Top band,top night,cheers lads
Alan Bates
22 Mar 2005 17:50 Post #140
Venue : Fleet, Hampshire

I was at the boom boom on Sunday and was blown away by Jan Akkerman. My only experience of his work to date was the more popular Focus material, which I have to say still stands up really well, although the more jazz funk material was also spot on. It is a great experience to get so close to a great performer in such an intimate setting.

It was my first time at the venue and I have allready booked for the Climax Blues Band, which I am sure will be the second of many visits to come?

Thanks Pete, if it wern't not for your (and those like you) efforts, live music would be sadly missed.

17 Mar 2005 4:54 Post #139

Hi, Very nice site! Have a look at ours also, at the free newsletter and resource site for Musicians, Composers and Songwriters. Each issue includes a featured article, reviews of chosen Musical Instruments, Music Gears, Apps, VST/DX plugins, Audio Sample Libraries, Site of the Day and much more.
Chris Groom
15 Mar 2005 13:46 Post #138
Venue : Purley

Hi Pete (and Mike),

I was also at the Audience gig in Sutton; I never got to see the band in their heyday and only had the odd track on various Charisma compilations - but I'm definitely going to see them again! What a fab live band.
I can't make the Camden appearence, but how about getting them into the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon? And to keep the seventies theme, how about Claire Hamill as support? She's also looking for more gigs.
Sounds like a top double bill to me!
Mike Collins
14 Mar 2005 10:04 Post #137

Hi I was at the BoomBoom Club for the AUDIENCE gig and was in heaven. I last saw the band at one of the Lyceum All-Nighters about 1971. They were great then and still are.

Tonight was as if Audience had never been away.

I have loved the band and championed their music since that All-Nighter and feel privileged to have heard them again after all these years. The years have certainly not 'weathered' their music. They are as fresh as they were to me all those years ago.
A great night! May there be many more.


Mike Collins
04 Mar 2005 22:23 Post #136
Venue : Alexandria, VA, USA

I enjoyed visiting your website, and invite you to visit ours as well, Artistopia at We are an artist development resource for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Keep up the good work!
28 Feb 2005 22:14 Post #135
Venue : Elstree

Spirit of the Rush ,Brilliant band,Brilliant sound,Brilliant night
Carol Warner
21 Feb 2005 7:49 Post #134

The Zombies were fantastic last night in Sutton. Chatted to the band members afterwards who were really friendly and signed all my purchases. Hope they make a regular venue.

Thanks for arranging them
David Ord
16 Feb 2005 11:04 Post #133

Thanks to Val Cowell and Bad Influence for stepping in at the last minute some great stuff on Sunday at Sutton F.C. Thanks also to Val and Peter for taking the time to help my son Matt set up and sound-check for his support slot. Great players and nice people too!
14 Feb 2005 13:08 Post #132

Pete, what a superb Gwyn Ashton gig at the Green Man! His sound and tone were amazing, all at a very reasonable level. Good work by the sound guys and Gwyn's fantastic '56 Fender Twin amp- creamy smooth and also clear and ringing when needed. This a top-quality show, just read Rob White's blog if you don't believe me!
12 Feb 2005 19:27 Post #131
Venue : London

Flaming Slade were great last night- could have been more people there, but they played like it was full house.
Greg and Mandy Taylor
08 Feb 2005 23:21 Post #130
Venue : Pinner

Thanks to Ian Parker for the terrific gig at the Green Man Barnet on Sunday night. It was a really powerful, inspired and moving experience which the small venue really enhanced. This is the third time we've seen the band and it gets better each time. It's really impressive the way the songs have evolved without losing their power.

You have a growing following down here in NW London and we're hoping Mr Feenstra is going to find a way to get you down here more often! Looking forward to the next time you're somewhere near us.
Alan Watkins
03 Feb 2005 22:53 Post #129

I've always thought that the original Doors were the most overrated band in rock history. How anyone can want to be a Doors tribute band beats the hell out of me. Hey ho.
Jennifer Warren
24 Jan 2005 13:50 Post #128

Hi Pete

Saw the Doors Alive gig last Friday at the Rayners. excellent. Pls book them again. Also saw a very good band at the Rayners the week before, called Krossfire, I think. They were also really great. A credit to your venue.

Hoping to come on Friday to see Limehouse Lizzy. Lovely to go back to my youth.
Dave Cubberley
22 Jan 2005 19:03 Post #127

Hi Pete

Just a note to say what a great gig by Flamin Slade last night. Great venue. See ya soon

Mark Percy
28 Dec 2004 23:50 Post #126
Venue : Ealing

Hi Pete

I visited the Boom Boom club for the first time on Monday night and saw Rollin' Stoned. We thought the band was brilliant and had a good time.

My only criticism of the venue is that the stage is too low. Unless you're right at the front it's difficult to see the band. Which is important with a band like Rollin' Stoned who put on quite a visual show. Raising the stage plinth by just one or two feet would vastly improve the experience for gig-goers.

Everything else was just fine.

Thanks for keeping music live!

Jon Coop
28 Dec 2004 20:12 Post #125
Venue : Ham

Saw Rollin Stoned at the Boom Boom club, we all had an excellent night. Many thanks.
18 Dec 2004 10:32 Post #124

Re: BoomBoom, Sutton

what a great night we had watching the kinks .one of the best ever gigs we have seen at sutton. keep it up pete!
Richard Harvey
17 Dec 2004 10:07 Post #123

Re: 4 Bills and the mods

Morning Pete

Another great night last night. The kids loved it. What a great intoduction to proper live music for them. Rather than listening to their Dad sing and play his Red Special at home.

Thanks again for another great night, and have a rockin' Christmas.

neil jones
14 Dec 2004 22:29 Post #122
Venue : wirral

Nice web site, love the links and of course, great music.
(When are the Buddaheads coming over here?)
10 Dec 2004 0:25 Post #121
Venue : Vancouver B.C. Canada

We would love to do some touring over there.Check out our web site .
09 Dec 2004 21:09 Post #120
Venue : Barcelona, Spain

Thanks for the Review of Ethan Daniel Davidson. He is Great!
Wiggy Wigstaff
09 Dec 2004 13:32 Post #119
Venue : Babylon

Which peruke glue is the most popular with the bands that play gigs and wear wigs?
Hair Hat Araldite or SyrupStik?
Charlie Harper of the UK Subs always sweared by SyrupStik. "You can't get anything better than SyrupStik for that extra windy gig", he was continually saying.
Matt Bullard
08 Dec 2004 12:33 Post #118
Venue : Bromley

Hi Pete and George

Just wanted to say that Matthew Ord is someone who has impressed me greatly.
He supported To The Bridge on Monday at the Bulls Head but we should have been supporting him.
He is a real talent, wish i could play geetar like that man, Robert Johnson would be proud. Anyone reading this message who hasnt seen him, you got to get along and watch some of the best acoustic blues playing in the UK, brilliant.
I haven't been able to pick up my guitar since!! seeing him!!!!
Steve Ex Feltham
03 Dec 2004 14:20 Post #117
Venue : Sandhurst Berkshire

Just to say thanks for Walter Trouts gig on Monday night at the Boom Boom Sutton.
It was a great gig, as always Walter and band played with fire and passion while having a laugh along the way.
As you know I've been watching Walter since 1989
and he and his band always impress, Some of my mates who came and had not seen Walter before were converted to Troutheads Immediately.

Steve Ex Feltham
Peter Delaforce
01 Dec 2004 1:33 Post #116

Just a line to say F#@king awesome night watching the main man Walter Trout.
Thank him and thank you for putting on a great gig.
We will be back for more.

Giles Topping
30 Nov 2004 18:02 Post #114

Thanks for organising great evening with Walter Trout. Now seen him 4 times but the last was by far the best and longest!!

Giles Topping
Ann Clark
30 Nov 2004 17:40 Post #113

Thanks for the excellent evening we had on Friday when Albert Lee was on. We were totally shattered and ready to walk out when there seemed nowhere to sit, but you put us on that table down the front at the side and it was just the BEST evening.

Have seen Albert many times but he goes on getting better and better. Hope you get him back again next time he tours.

Many thanks
Ann Clark
30 Nov 2004 15:45 Post #112
Venue : Twickenham

I've just been at The Boom Boom Club 'Gig of the Year' - Walter Trout & The Radicals.- in a vintage year of live music in Sutton.
With performers the calibre of Jan Akkerman / SAS Band / Stan Webb / Albert Lee / Boccigalupe / The Mods - Kinks - Yardbirds - Zombies - Animals + Tributes to the Greatest Bands of the '60's, 70's & 80's you have promoted The Boom Boom Club at Sutton United into the premier league of live music
But this gig, our second helping of TROUT in 2004, was so truly awesome that I cannot find superlatives to express just how good it was !!
I orge everybody to catch Trout whenever they can, and especially at Sutton - a great venue !
John Field
30 Nov 2004 3:07 Post #115

Just to thank you for a brilliant night last night. First time I've seen Walter - I'll be back!! And the support band To The Bridge was excellent - get them back! Regards
Jilly Penegar
27 Nov 2004 0:27 Post #111
Venue : Surrey

Hi Pete,

Just got home from the superb Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes gig in Sutton - WOW!!!

Thanks to all involved for such a great night ... and when will they be back?

Also, thanks for sorting out the tickets for me, much appreciated.

kind regards,
11 Nov 2004 16:55 Post #110
Venue : austria

really an awesome site - you did a great job here... greetz from vienna and have a fantastic time !!
The Barker Band
29 Oct 2004 18:28 Post #109
Venue : West london

We're a new young band from West London playing original rootsy music with a bluegrass feel. Please check out the album clips and pix from our debut at the The Verge on our website.

New gigs added this week.
The Barker Band
26 Oct 2004 14:37 Post #108

Great night on saturday the 24th off october sarting with Trafficker what a great band fronted by Tommy Allen and just to top the night off was the Robin Bibi Band i think this is by far the best rythem section i have seen Robin with a guy called Paul Robinson on Drums and someone i have never seen before Barry Pethers on Bass guitar / vocals,
what an amazing bass player !! so different from the rest !!!! who is this man ??? The Robin Bibi just have so much fun and energy on the stage and somtimes Robin off the stage

What a great night

Thanks Jeff
Phil Hunt
26 Oct 2004 8:46 Post #107

Missed the Boccigalupe show as I was away on wet windy Isle of Wight!!
Wanted to say how absolutely bloody marvellous last week was with the Viva Santana evening. The test must be to close your eyes and believe it was the real deal. It was better!!!! Thanks a lot for a smashing evening.
Greg Taylor
21 Oct 2004 7:56 Post #106

Rayners, Harrow:

What a great night at the Rayners on Friday. Manti were excellent - Comfortably Numb was spot on, Bobby Strange was great - very different - and Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys were absolutely stunning! I don't know if I've ever heard a band so tight and with that energy. Get them back please.....Soon!
18 Oct 2004 19:00 Post #105
Venue : Sweden

I love your site! Good bands! Please enjoy the guitar picking of Stani Borisov on my web site!

Best Regards
Patrick ZozaMusic
Steve Humphreys
18 Oct 2004 14:36 Post #104
Venue : Harrow

Rayners, Harrow:

Boccigalupe and the Badboys! What a band! By far the best thing ive seen at the Rayners or anywhere else for that matter! Nice one!
Graeme Neale
18 Oct 2004 11:06 Post #103
Venue : Harrow

I thought the Mods at The rayners were brilliant??? each time I go to the Rayners the quality of the bands never ceases to amaze me.

I thought they did some of the Who numbers better than Who???s Who !! I really enjoyed Who???s Who but their ???sound??? was nowhere near as good as the ???Mods??? ??? it was almost too loud and painful on the ears.

The Mods singer was excellent ??? a real showman and I guess, a frustrated guitarist !!!

The drum solo was incredible and the sound quality was fantastic ??? they were obviously well miked up.

Keep up the good work Pete.

17 Oct 2004 15:07 Post #102

Hi you all
just visited the pics on jules' site and have to say it was such a great night! thanks to the bands and mr feenstra! (bring those mellotones back asap, please thank you)
love, Edith
12 Oct 2004 10:51 Post #101
Venue : london

just to say, anyone who was at the Boom Boom club on sunday for the Blues Matters night, there are now pictures online at my site - click here.
Jack Blayer
07 Oct 2004 17:53 Post #100

Thanks Pete,

Ruthless Blues [at the Torrington] were fantastic, the atmosphere was electric. What a way to mark the end of an era ! Many thanks again to you and the whole crew for all the great gigs.

See you soon.

Alan A Hillier
06 Oct 2004 11:22 Post #99
Venue : London

Is there nothing sacred left in this poxy country.If this venue had been in America there would have bee a preservation order preventing it's destruction. In England if a venue is not catering for the establishmnt then it is fair game for the developers.I am led to believe that the whole pub will eventually be a block of flats.....what a shame
Shame on them....shame on us for allowing it it happen.
Alan A Hillier
The Blindman
05 Oct 2004 14:59 Post #98
Venue : Scotland

Great site, very informative.Anyone keeping the Blues alive is OK by me.
I'll put a link up on The Blindman's Blues Forum at

The Blindman
27 Sep 2004 8:12 Post #97
Venue : North London

I was really sorry to get your email saying you will be closing. I have only been coming for about 5 years but have enjoyed some great gigs. it will be a sad day.

best wishes

Andy Snipper
25 Sep 2004 19:16 Post #96
Venue : London

I'm absolutely gobsmacked that the Torrie is closing. Rest assured that I'll be supporting Feenstra and the bands you've been promoting at the new venue.

Best regards mate
Andy Snipper
Douglas Crockett
25 Sep 2004 16:39 Post #95
Venue : Barnet

well, the Green Man is closer for me! Good luck with the new venue, and I hope I'll come more often

PS Stan was outSTANding on Saturday.
Paul Canty
25 Sep 2004 14:57 Post #94
Venue : Finchley

A sad day indeed, I have been going there from about the age of 15/16 and spent many a happy hour listening to Vinegar Joe, Stackridge, Ducks Deluxe, Brinsley Scwartz etc etc. Even had a pee next to Robert Palmer (he was alive then) and also, slightly bizarrely Brian Jones look alike. I wasn't hanging around the loos, honest.

24 Sep 2004 20:35 Post #93
Venue : Barnet

I've just read the news that the Torrie is to close and I am gutted. I dont visit often now but have been seeing bands there for .... must be over 15 years having starting off with Little Sister! I've had some fantastic times and the Torrie will be very very sadly missed.
Brigitte and Dave
20 Sep 2004 6:48 Post #92
Venue : Germany

September 16, 2004 we just got Ten Years After into the brand new Rock n' Pop Museum / Music Hall Of Fame here in Germany.
The story and photos are online now at

eric harvey promoter
06 Sep 2004 23:36 Post #91
Venue : birkenhead

when in the North West visit the Hotel California fast becoming Merseyside top rock and blues venue. Hope to see you their soon Pete my man
eric harvey promoter
06 Sep 2004 23:35 Post #90
Venue : birkenhead

when in the North West visit the Hotel California fast becoming Merseyside top rock and blues venue
Joe le Taxi
01 Sep 2004 19:50 Post #89
Venue : Welshpool, Wales

Hey Pete
Many thanks for including "Joe le Taxi and the Zydeco Band" on your fabulous website. I look forward to meeting you in person some sunny day.
Best wishes
Joe le Taxi
Paxton Quigley
18 Aug 2004 11:51 Post #88
Venue : Surrey

At long last some bands worht seeing before the end of the year; Bad Influence, Ruthless Blues and Zero Nine Below. ....... what to do with the remaining friday, saturday and friday nights.... DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Martin Logan
13 Aug 2004 19:01 Post #87
Venue : surrey

Hey Pete
Saw this mob recently (Old Blue Moses) they are excellent-real performers! they are playing RMF 04 at alfold.Reckon you might wanna check them out
Regards to all
13 Aug 2004 10:08 Post #86
Venue : austria

this is really a fantastic site -

greetz from vienna/austria and keep it going !!
09 Aug 2004 15:02 Post #85
Venue : Wallington

Sunday 8th Aug 04. Boom Boom. John O'leary and Simon Hickling. Fabulous evening gig, Jules is brilliant. SImon as mad as a box of frogs, but fantastic.
Keep up the good work Pete, shame about lack of audience. What they missed eh!!!
All the best.
Nico Bravenboer
23 Jul 2004 22:25 Post #84
Venue : Ridderkerk (The Netherlands)

Hello bluesbands,
My name is Nico Bravenboer and I'm working for a local broadcastradiostation based in Ridderkerk (10 miles from Rotterdam Harbor-City) in the Netherlands and has about 47.000 inhibitants.

On thursday evening's at 8.00 - 9.00 PM and saturday evening at 7.00 - 7.00 hours PM I have a
one hour program called 'Bluezy' with Bluesmusic since ten years.
Next to music I have several interviews with blues-musicians a blues-agenda and the CD of the month in my program.
The name of broadcast Radio Station is 'Radio Ridderkerk' and is transmitting on a local network at 107.1 mhz. FM and at 105.7 mhz FM in the air.
Transmitting on our Air-frequency we can reach in that region about 1.5 million listeners.
Maybe you have PR material for airplay in my program

All the best
Keep the blues alive,
Nico Bravenboer


Radio Ridderkerk(Bluezy)
p/a Nico Bravenboer
Postbus 367
2980 AJ Ridderkerk
The Netherlan
Paxton Quigley
12 Jul 2004 13:14 Post #83
Venue : Sutton

Walter Trout @ the Boom Boom (and anywhere else for that matter)...... get a new publicist 'Voted 6th best guitarist' being 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or at the very least 6th doesn't really help. After all which football team came 6th in the premiership (who knows, who cares)?
Dave Francis
09 Jul 2004 19:12 Post #82
Venue : Boom Boom

What a superb night last night was in sutton watching the master walter trout & the radicals.Ive seen these guys play at some good venues but none compare to the intimacy of sutton,they were supported by roadhouse who were great.Anyone reading this who did'nt go last night,dont miss him in november cause blues dont get better than this.
Graham Clark
09 Jul 2004 17:18 Post #81
Venue : Wokingham

Just want to add my congrats for getting the Walter Trout gig together on Monday. Fantastic evening I could have listened all night. As one of the gang said, "it's the best £15 I've spent". To be able to see a player of that calibre in a small venue like Jagz is brilliant. Don't know how you do it but keep up the good work.
Steve Rapley
08 Jul 2004 9:10 Post #80

Hi Pete

What a wonderful gig with Walter Trout on Monday evening, thank you very much for putting the tickets to one side. Jagz is certainly a venue I will be returning to and I will be seeing Walter again (5th) when he plays the Mean Fiddler in November. I would like to be added to your mailing list please. As far as Musical prefernces are concerned I lean towards Blues & Rock with some some R&B, tribute bands are often very good and worth seeing.

Best Regards

Steve Rapley
Laurence Harvey
06 Jul 2004 19:07 Post #79
Venue : Ascot


I had the great pleasure of being at the Walter Trout gig at Jagz last night for what must rate as possibly the best gig I have ever been to (and that's quite a few). Standing in the front row watching a guitar maestro like him perform is something I'll treasure.

I enjoyed it so much that I just wanted to congratulate you on getting such a fantastic artist to such a small venue for us enthusiasts to enjoy. I don't know how you did it but thanks.

Let me know next time he's there!!


Laurence Harvey
Nick Creasy
06 Jul 2004 7:52 Post #78

Walter Trout - Jagz@The Station, Ascot

Wow! What a great gig tonight. Please make sure you keep my email address on your mailing list, so that I don't miss out on any other good ones...


Paxton Quigley
25 Jun 2004 10:41 Post #77
Venue : Surrey

Football or no football......make sure RUTHLESS BLUES play that sunday night in July
23 Jun 2004 15:41 Post #76
Venue : London

Thanks for the compliments. Roadhouse are supporting Walter Trout at The Boom Boom Club in Sutton on Thursday July 8th, but all our gigs are listed on our site
tell all your friends.

Thanks, keep it LIVE
Greg Taylor
21 Jun 2004 23:25 Post #75
Venue : Middx


thanks very much for last Friday night. Roadhouse were great and Ian Parker was absolutely brilliant. We were overwhelmed by the musical performance and the quality of the songwriting. Please get him back - soon!

Also thanks for the sound balance - it was spot on!


Greg Taylor
Steve Knapp
19 Jun 2004 22:46 Post #74
Venue : Stanmore, Middlesex

Dear Pete. Please may I say a very big thank you for such great gigs at the Rayners over the past weeks that I have attended. Firstly Pat Travers superb, then Larry Miller brilliant, Eddie and the Hot Rods great... then last night Ian PARKER was unbelievable it just couldn't have been better as well as Roadhouse great stuff.

Any chance you could get Roadhouse back do do a whole evening sets of they own stuff? An hour is not long enough. Any news on Dizzy Lizzy yet and are Man coming back this year?

Anyway thanks again for all your hard work.

Regards STEVE
Neil Hill
09 Jun 2004 12:49 Post #73
Venue : Ascot

Morning pete what a great gig last nite at the Music Box. We thought Bad influence were rockin, and managed to have a good chat with Harry & Chris from Thunder whch was great as we're Thunder fans. Hope to see you again soon.
Boccigalupe (Bocci)
08 Jun 2004 22:46 Post #72
Venue : Asbury Park, NJ


Thanks for the warm welcome!! Hope to see you soon..... may be November. It was really great to meet you. All the best,

Darren Wisdom
08 Jun 2004 13:29 Post #71

Thank you so much for promoting the recent Pat Travers Band gig at The Rayners last Saturday. Always meant to hear his music so it was a great chance to do so. I even managed to persuade my wife to attend! Really looking forward to seeing Mick Taylor at The Rayners as I am a huge fan (missed his 100 Club and Boom Boom Club gigs so this is a must)! I am trying to round up as many rock/blues music lover friends as possible.

Best regards,

paxton quigley
04 Jun 2004 10:21 Post #70
Venue : sutton

Kevin Ayers at the Boom Boom Boom Club, a poor turn out for a poor turn - Chris Rea sound-alike Zzzz 2/10
02 Jun 2004 21:00 Post #69

Excellent set from Kevin Ayers last Friday at Sutton. His songs pass far more than the test of time. Please try and bring him and his excellent band back for an encore!
wj dodd
25 May 2004 17:47 Post #68
Venue : sutton

Why is every gig by Roadhouse a 'New album launch?' do they record a new album for every gig they do?
Denzil & Lorraine Kerans
24 Apr 2004 17:34 Post #67

Superb Gig - Rayners

"Dios Salve a la Reina" at the Rayners on Friday were very good indeed. We were very impressed by their accurate representation of "Queen" and their music.

Their show was very impressive and I feel the poor attendance was only due to the fact that they are at this stage new on the circuit.

I believe they are only playing a few gigs in the UK and I told their manager that they should seriously consider more active marketing of themselves in the UK. I am convinced there is a demand for this type of quality tribute band.

We unreservedly recommend this band to those who love the music of "Queen".
Full marks to you for getting hold of them. Looking forward to seeing them again.

With best wishes
Denzil & Lorraine
Keith Rattle
19 Apr 2004 11:53 Post #66
Venue : SUTTON

HI Pete
great night at Boom Boom , with Roscoe Cheiner a fantastic guy and great entertaner.

shame only a few turned out . But those that did attend were given a real treat. Bring him back soon .
Bill Brealey 'Sheffield Billy'
17 Apr 2004 13:54 Post #65

Hi Pete,

Many thanks for a wonderful evening at Ascot on Tuesday for the Chappo gig.

I seriously wish you well with this venture. It???s the best club in the London area since the Worcester Park Club

Must thank you all for the hard graft that has gone into promoting "Chappo" over the past few years. Everyone sends their regards and thanks for keeping the faith, time and time again, in ensuring we get to see a few UK dates each year. People will always travel huge distances to see a truly great performer.

However, the venue "maketh the gig", and I was well pleased with the whole event on Tuesday. Once again thanks for having us and good luck with the future.

Finally a huge pat on the back for publishing a tremendous document. "Roger Chapman: A Silver celebration" is without doubt the best tour programme ever published on Chappo

All the best

Bill Brealey "Sheffield Billy"
Dick Cleverly
16 Apr 2004 13:20 Post #64

Chappo gig brilliant, well done Pete a good introduction and the Anniversary Brochure is a great read.
Thanks for a great evening.
Please try and get him back.
Shawn Pullman
14 Apr 2004 9:01 Post #63


Great bash last night with Chappo. Many thanks for bringing them to Ascot and looking forward to the next time.


Daniella Brookes
06 Apr 2004 17:24 Post #62

Hi Pete,

We just wanted to thank you and let you know what a fabulous time we had at the SAS 'warm up gig' in Sutton on Friday night.

The artists were amazing and so was the atmosphere !!!

Please could you put me on your e-mail mailing list and let us know if there are any future similar gigs coming up - especially with the SAS Band or 'Tony Vincent' (who was fantastic).

It was a great night...

Many thanks

Danielle Brookes
Jeff Pye
05 Apr 2004 13:40 Post #60

That was a superb gig on Friday, I really enjoyed it. Good sound, good audience, good music. I hope you can get them back.

Can you tell me more about Johnny Warmans charity bike ride and also why are The Mods being filmed by BBC2 in May?

Best wishes

Richard Harvey
05 Apr 2004 11:25 Post #59
Venue : NULL

Hi Pete Thanks for organizing a great night on Friday. It was unreal.

We will be back down to the Boom Boom Club soon.

Thanks again

Helen Gill
05 Apr 2004 10:45 Post #61

Superb Gig - BoomBoom

Dear Pete,

This is just a quick note to say that the SAS Band's Warm Up Gig on Friday night was absolutely outstanding. The crowd response was unbelievable. I have only ever been to big concerts where you feel like one in many.
However, the atmosphere at the Boom Boom club was unlike anything that I have experienced before. It was a more intimate gig, where you could actaully see the band and singers, rather than them just being a dot in the distance!

I will definitely look out for more SAS Band gigs at your venue and recommend your venue to others.

Thanks again for making Friday night special.

Kind regards,

Helen Gill
Clare Cooper
05 Apr 2004 8:59 Post #58

RE: Boom Boom Club @ Sutton Utd FC

Pete - What can I say?!?! I think Friday night has spoilt me for anything else!!!! We all agreed that we would have paid double for the band, and I for one can't WAIT to see them again! I bought both their CDs afterwards, too! Those voices! Those songs! The sheer professionalism! They were simply superb and I feel sorry for anyone who didn't see them!

A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in organising one of the best nights I've ever had!! (Perhaps I need to get out more...)

Best wishes from a stunned and gobsmacked Clare! XX
Fred Robinson
04 Apr 2004 9:57 Post #57

Superb Gig - BoomBoom - SAS Band Friday - MAGIC.

Can't remember ever seeing so many great singers on stage LIVE before.

Took my daughter (quite young)and my wife (quite old) and they both enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank You

John and Anne Christian
03 Apr 2004 18:08 Post #56

Our first visit to the BOOM BOOM last night.The first of many I'm sure!!!

Brilliant band (SAS Band) - fantastic set list - great atmosphere - enthusiastic crowd.

What more can you want? Nothing!

Keep music live - Thanks.

John and Anne Christian
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