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Trev Pomeroy
02 Apr 2004 13:51 Post #55
Venue : Sutton

More Eddie Martin please, such a shame so few went to the Boom Boom on his last gig, missed a true player.
Great site keep up the excellent work

all the best
John Moroz
29 Mar 2004 14:11 Post #54
Venue : Bucks, UK

Really pleased to see that there are others like myself you are completed baffled as to why Paul Jones is no longer on Jazz FM. It was a part of my Saturdays for over 10 years and they seem strangely empty without the 'boogie woogie blue plate' etc. Unfortunately I didn't hear his last program, did he explain what was happening?, was he allowed to? I will write my own letter to the director of programming. If anyone has any further information I would really like to hear it. Also if Paul persuades another station to broadcast his program I would like to know about it. There was something I heard about Radio 2 scheduling that suggests we may not even get Paul on that channel after June, anyone know anything about this?
Keep up the good work Pete in promoting the Blues.
George Perkins (The Young Chancers)
28 Mar 2004 21:05 Post #53
Venue : WP

Hi Pete, Viva Santana were great at The Boom Boom Club and Fair field. Boom Boom Club is a great venue with a great atmosphere and feels more at home. Keep on going with top quality music and I Will look forward to doing another support gig.
Paul Leonard
27 Mar 2004 14:19 Post #52
Venue : Rayners Lane

The Ruthless were brilliant last night and having seen Hendrix, Clapton , Green etc. I think Martyn Taylor is the best at what he does and is the kind of music Clapton s/b playing.

When I went to Canada once I found it easy to get blues on numerous radio stations, it seems we're going backwards here.

Any way thanks for a great night.

Paul Leonard
paul viski
24 Mar 2004 22:29 Post #51
Venue : ealing

Any chance of up date on Malcolm Foster (the lead singer with Little sister, regular Torrington band) I know he's in Spain - Does he ever return to London?
Ashwyn Smyth
21 Mar 2004 19:32 Post #50
Venue : Billericay, Essex

Vote for your favourite live artists in 2003 at the Digital Blues Awards at
Whilst you are there, visit the Digital Blues pages for gig and other Blues news.
Tune in to Digital Blues 8 till 10 every Wednesday only at
Peter Watts
14 Mar 2004 11:23 Post #49
Venue : NULL

Well done for the letter to JazzFM about the axing of Paul Jones' Jazz me Blues programme. I meant to have a word at Sutton on Friday but instead have just sent this letter off to them myself. It's obviously a done deal but words need to be said.

'Two weeks on I feel I really have to let you know about my feelings concerning your sudden apparent axing of Paul Jones Jazz Me Blues programme. Apart fom being a regular part of my Saturdays, (particularly when it was on in the morning) you have removed from your schedule a unique programme in that you were giving over three hours to a broadcaster whose knowledge and enthusiasm for the blues just poured out of the radio and swept you up with him.

He had developed the format to cover all aspects of the current scene, putting it all in context with what has gone before. But best of all the local gig guides and opportunity for extended interviews with the people we are out there seeing.

He introduced me in recent years to Ben Andre
12 Mar 2004 18:37 Post #48
Venue : Rayners Lane

I visit the Rayners as often as possible, it is such a shame a few more folk don't! The venue is accoustically good and there is never a spot of bother.

It is very rare that it is anything more that half full so a seat is usually available. Booze wise it is such a shame there is no real ale but then that seems to be the norm in a lot of places these days.

If you have never been there I urge you to go and keep this venue ticking over. You will have a great night out for very little money. Best of all the tube is just two minutes away, exit left from the station and stay on the main road, you can't miss the pub!

Thanks to all those that work hard putting on the gigs there, I know some of the musicians bemone the lack of atmosphere...........
04 Mar 2004 18:30 Post #47

Just read your open letter to Jazz FM. Well done, mate! Couldn't agree with you more. The Jazz Me Blues show and its gig guide were an intrinsic part of Saturday afternoon radio and will be much missed. Wonder why Paul ended his 14years so abruptly: did he jump or was he pushed
22 Feb 2004 19:11 Post #46
Venue : SE London

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to say thank you for a great gig at the Boom Boom on the 21st of Feb, it was bloody fantastic to see MAN live, please keep it going, you the man!!
Ashwyn Smyth
19 Feb 2004 14:00 Post #45
Venue : Billericay, Essex

Hi Pete,
Having recently made my first visit to the Torrington to catch the excellent Blues Move, I compliment you on the quality and variety of artists you put on at your various venues.
Through your Guestbook may I let all your visitors know that Digital Blues, two hours of blues and real r'n'b, ancient & modern, is now on every Wednesday between 8 & 10 p.m. local time.
at Tune in and enjoy!
Pete Sargeant
16 Feb 2004 23:25 Post #44

Hi Pete

I reckon last night's gig with John O'Leary's International mob was one of the best I have ever seen - talk about firing on all six ! I was glad to be part of it - keen audience too

**** Jools Holland & Co for ignoring all this talent

Pete S
Annie H
16 Feb 2004 3:59 Post #43
Venue : Philadelphia - USA

Just found out about Boccigalupe & The Badboys in England. You are in for a treat !!!. I just saw them this week end and this is what gathered.

February 13th- Band??? Yeah it???s a four letter word that conjures up visions of good times, great music and that feeling of abandonment we all long for during the work week as we are chained to our office desks and cubicles like veal without the benefit of light. This weekend, Bocci and the Badboys provided yet another example of the meaning of the word. They banded together, played through laryngitis, toothache, knee problem, and just the plain old grips of winter madness to thrill a local crowd and highway vagabonds from De. Pa. And N.Y. Friday night the chill of Lance and Debbie???s quickly dissipated as the band heated up the old ???Wonder Bar??? with undeniably smoking sets. Yeah, this Friday the 13th the crowd was lucky and more than willing to answer the call of the wild by getting up and dancing. The band ran the gamut full throttle. Songs fro
Glenn Luff
06 Feb 2004 21:09 Post #42
Venue : South London

Hi Pete,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for a brilliant gig at the Green Man Catford this week, The John O' Leary band are proberly the best all round band I have seen in years (except maybe Carvin Jones), real blues like it should be, wow talk about float my boat! such a tight sound. Mind you my mate, Mick nearly did not come, as you said in your newsletter that he was a brilliant HARP player, I think you ment HARMONICA, proof read mate, proof read!

Anyway once again thank you very much, any chance of getting them back? as I can't make the date for the Boom Boom Club.

See you next week for Roadhouse,
Carl Dooij
03 Feb 2004 20:52 Post #41
Venue : Holland - Delft

Perfect to reed the review of Key Frances and Tiny Sparkles in the month January 2004. I met and heard and saw him play in Santa Fe New Mexico and was hooked in an instant. Now working hard to put him on the map in the Netherlands

Thanks and regards,
Carl - Delft - Holland

Dave Fry
06 Jan 2004 18:29 Post #40
Venue : Carshalton

Saw Otis Grand some time ago at Boom Boom club, wow! he was something else!
I hope to get along there more often in 2004,
Good website and good club, keep up the good work Pete.
Lucy Piller
06 Jan 2004 16:30 Post #39
Venue : Atlanta USA

Hi Pete,
Please find the following video clips of ANDREW BLACK here. Hopefully he can come to play in the UK sometimes soon.
All video clips require Windows Media Player.

Andrew Black and Forrest McDonald at the Masquerade

Andrew Black and Barry Richman at Chip's Roadhouse Festival

Andrew Black at Fee-Lay Gumbo - #1

Andrew Black at Fee-Lay Gumbo - #2

Simon Kirke jams with Blues Cat and Andrew Black

Simon Kirke jams with Jeff, Andrew, Bill, Bob, Michael and Bob

Please contact me soon

Good health for 2004
Debbie Harris
05 Jan 2004 20:42 Post #38
Venue : NULL

Hi Pete
We were invited along to the Who's Who gig on Fri at the Boom Boom Club by Moonie and Matt and really enjoyed it. We've never been to the club before and thought it was a good little venue, a really nice atmosphere.

Happy New Year!
Debbie and Andy from Bootleg Blondie
George Perkins (The Young Chancers)
05 Jan 2004 16:41 Post #37
Venue : WP

Hi Pete

This is George from the Young Chancers. Thanks alot for all the wonderful oppertunies down the boom boom club such as Otis, Johnny Warman, The Commitments, We have enjoyed it and we look forward to playing there again. You have done very well to get all these top bands down here that play brilliant music. Please feel free to check The new young chancers web site.

All The Best. George
Colin Dee
04 Jan 2004 12:35 Post #36
Venue : NULL

Pete, Here is a constructive review of last Friday.

Support Band Hooker.
Try hard, but don't really achieve, as yet. Drummer attempts to murder kettle drum, without success..
Kettle drum needs replacing and sorry to say that vocalist also does..

Whose Who..
I was amazed to see Keith Moon come alive again! This entire band were better than The Who, in there early days! Superb, fantastic, Sutton gets the best and that was those guys..
Well done Pete.
Cheers from

Colin Dee
Adam Bomb
31 Dec 2003 15:21 Post #35
Venue : NYC

Have a great new year Mr. Feenstra & we'll see you on tour at Rayners Live on the 7th of February & again Catford at the Catford Blues Club on February 18th. 2004 will ROCK!!!
Tom Branson
27 Dec 2003 3:54 Post #34
Venue : Nashville, TN USA

Pete, thank you for all your work in helping to promote this great music.

With best regards,
Keith Howe
24 Dec 2003 13:07 Post #33
Venue : Cornwall

Hi Pete,

Thanks again for everything you continue to do in bringing quality live entertainment to all your venues.

Have a great Christmas and all best wishes for 2004 from Blue on Black.

Pete Salmon
19 Dec 2003 17:05 Post #32
Venue : West Avenue, Pinner

Great Website - keep it up.
Pam Stone
18 Dec 2003 17:38 Post #31
Venue : Key West, FL

A friend in England referred me to this website as he goes to the shows there and raves about them. If I should have get 'across the pond' I will visit the BoomBoom club! Have a happy holiday!
James Maclean
06 Nov 2003 10:58 Post #30
Venue : Milton Keynes

I too throught the melt were excellant, I have caught them before in a place called hunstanton supporting a band called KUSHTY (has anyone heard of them) I bought Kushtys cd and thought it was brill, is there any chance of getting this most excellant band on as well, maybe the melt and kushty on the same bill? Kushty have contact address on their cd
Again thanks to the melt for making my night
Phil Davies
27 Sep 2003 18:42 Post #29

Though Les West's guitar sound was not brilliant, the Mountain gig was excellent. Corky kindly signed their book and seemed a really nice guy and appreciated me telling that he was the best drummer I'd seen. Even The Melt were excellent, especially as they were only the support at such a small venue.
However, the real stars are yourself and your team. To have secured such an iconic group as Mountain to play their "London" gig in Sutton was a masterful piece of promotion. Well done and thanks.
Should have a few coming to Man & Perfect Alibi.
Phil Davies
PS Any chance of resurrecting the real Pink Floyd to play at the Boom Boom!
Nigel Jones
27 Sep 2003 17:23 Post #28

What a excellent evening with Mountain last night. Just had to thankyou Pete for the music at the Boom Boom recently its been great

Best Wishes
Nigel Jones
Ray Baldwin
27 Sep 2003 10:50 Post #27


You're quite right the support band The Melt were really good.

Thought the sound during Mountain's set was a bit too quiet though, especially in the middle of the room. Once I moved around to the side (by the stacks) it sounded much better.


Ray Baldwin
Pete Feenstra
26 Sep 2003 13:28 Post #26

Many thanks for the message Audrey, and Im glad you like otis. Please note Amercian vocalist jimmy Thomas will also be with the band
Pete Feenstra
24 Sep 2003 15:01 Post #25
Venue : Rayners Lane

Thanks for bringing Otis back to the Rayners..he's one truly amazing musician.
He made my day the last time i saw him on stage...he actually took me and my friends backstage to introduce us to the rest of the band and have a little chat about Blues...we all had a brilliant time. If you can make The Rayners or The boom Boom, i definitely advise you to go and see him...he's absolutely fantastic.
Thanks again Pete for allowing us to get the best of Blues. Everything happens a stone's throw away and it's really good for the wallet too!!!!


17 Aug 2003 16:28 Post #24

Hi Pete

I see that the Groundhogs are touring with their original/classic line-up. Any chance of getting them to Sutton.


Pete Feenstra
15 Aug 2003 20:34 Post #23

Hi John, well there will be 7 bands at this event, and they have won through a competition on the island that included over 40 or more bands, so the standard must be high.
Hope you can make it to the LONDON CALLING event at the torrington
Pete Feenstra
14 Aug 2003 19:33 Post #22

I notice you have some bands coming over from the Isle of Man? I went over to the Isle of Man, for my sisters wedding, not long ago, and man, there is some top bands over there. Hopefully some that I saw will be playing in The Torrington, coz they were top.
Pete Feenstra
08 Aug 2003 19:47 Post #21

Hi Tom,
Pete Feenstra here.
I knew Rock Bottom very well, and I will check out Steve Courtney. Rock used to play a lot with pianist Ben Waters, so I will ask him, and others.
Will be in touch,
Pete feenstra
06 Aug 2003 21:13 Post #20
Venue : Florida

Greetings. I may be out of line with this post, so forgive me if you can. I'm trying to locate a blues harmonica player by the name of Steven Courtney. I last saw him in Florida at a blues outing in Florida when he was giving out buttons with "Rock Bottom's" picture on them. Since the great guys dead, I'd like to have a button for posterity.
20 Jul 2003 19:31 Post #19
Venue : Finchley

Love the web site thanks! All the info I need. A credit to Finchley.

Pete Feenstra
17 Jul 2003 17:04 Post #18

Hi there,

Man will be at the Torrington in the autumn. Blunstone and Argent can't currently make up their mind, but it wont be The Torry, and Mick Abrahams is in hospital with something or other but is going to be ok

Pete Feenstra
12 Jul 2003 20:25 Post #17
Venue : Finchley

I've seen some great bands over the years at the Torrington. Any chance of getting hold of Man (I've seen them when they were so brilliant I was almost ashamed to have paid only a fiver) or Mick Abrahams/Blodwyn Pig?

Any chances of getting Argent/Blunstone/Zombies?

Looking forward to the Motel Kings tomorrow night, unless it gets too damn hot.
Pete Feenstra
03 Jul 2003 16:43 Post #16

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your message re The Shores. The band have played a number of supports for us, and on each occasion they were very well received.
At present as far as I know they aren't gigging too much as they are searching for a new drummer (Jim from Matchbox - a great drummer by the way - has been helping them out). But as soon as they are ready to gig, i will put them on again.
Thanks for your kind comments,
Pete F
paul weston
30 Jun 2003 20:23 Post #15

Hi, i have only just found your website and would just like to ask about a support band called THE SHORES i saw about a month or so ago.
They were playing down the boom boom club in sutton and i was just wondering if you knew of any other venues they play.
I thought they were absolutely brilliant and their originality blew me away.
They were playing with johnny warman who i also enjoyed, but i could see they had natural talent and look like they have what it takes to make a name for themselves.

Hope to hear from you soon

Alan Harvey
06 May 2003 14:25 Post #14

A big big thankyou to you and all who entertained everyone so brilliantly last night (and for the hard work that went into making it happen) - absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Apart from Roadhouse it was a bonus to see Robin Bibi for the first time.

I shall make a point of seeing him again for sure. What a wonderful array of guitarists you had on show. I intoduced myself to Pete Sargent afterwards (I had made some notes to do a review for Blues Matters and didn't want to go ahead if he was doing one). He mentioned that he is really a guitarist - then when I was looking through my old photos today (to put them all the right way up now that I have worked out how!) I realised that I had seen him play with Andy Cortes at Bishopstock.

I had a good journey home and it was just right for listening to the 2 "new" CD's (thankyou very much for the discount). I'm pleased to say that I like them as much as the other two. Gary is a very fine song writer and the arrangements ar
Pete Feenstra
01 May 2003 18:13 Post #13

Hi Chas,
I was at the Stan Webb gig, and along with everyone esle thought it was one of his very best shows.

Re Omar & The Howlers, they were booked into Sutton for August to tie in with the Burnley or whatever, blues festival, but he has since cancelled his plans for a UK tour, but I will let you know about future gigs.

Incidentally watch out for a piece in this saturday's (Weekend )Times, on our forthcoming show with Forth Worth blues guitarist Paul Byrd
Pete feenstra
Chas Cushing
01 May 2003 8:33 Post #12
Venue : Sutton


Really enjoyed seeing Stan Webb last Friday at the Boom Boom - brought back memories! Great show - Stan has never really received the recognition he deserves.

When will we be seeing Omar and the Howlers and Vince Flatt at Boom Boom?

Keep on rocking

Chas & Anna
Bob Gant
20 Apr 2003 20:06 Post #11

Little Wonder now play under the name of Changesbowie.

Try this website:
Pete Feenstra
14 Apr 2003 23:41 Post #10

Little Wonder parted company with their guitarist, but have recently recruited a new guitarist, and should be playing dates fairly soom. Please check the web site for possible dates
Pete Feenstra
thin white duke
14 Apr 2003 21:27 Post #9

Whats happened to Little Wonder the Bowie tribute band that played at the Torrington last year? They were amazing.
14 Apr 2003 19:57 Post #8
Venue : Rayners Lane

Having seen the band through various incarnations from hawkestra to greasy truckers to xhawkwind to space ritual, ive got to say sat nite at the Rayners Hotel was blinding. Two and a half hours of complete madness settled my brain, after a hectic week at work, very nicely. Have to say its the best ive seen the band. Great set list, loads of complete and utter classics. And a great venue also. Might just have pop down to Sutton next month! Thanks guys.
Dave Chate
13 Apr 2003 4:19 Post #7
Venue : Harrow

What a fantastic gig!!!!

Many thanks to Nik and the rest of for a real high at the Rayners Hotel last night (12/Apr/03). Please play again in London very soon.

Very best wishes.

Dave Chate.
Beach Boys Inc
20 Feb 2003 18:14 Post #6

Hi John & Jill

Thanks for the recommendation from seeing us at the STANDARD, LONDON,
Pete has booked us at 3 of his venues Rayners 18th April, Boom Boom Club 23rd May and The Torrington 24th May, come and say hello to us and collect a freebie BEACH BOYS INC CD, on any of the dates and bring your mates and matesses, we'd like to say thanks in person. Charles Hart. (Drums)
john and gill garratt
21 Jan 2003 11:21 Post #5

beach boys inc
Not at one of your venues last Saturday - shame. But we saw Beach Boys Inc at the Standard in Walthamstow - they're doing the Half Moon later in the year. Great sound - absolutely spot on, all the hits - very entertaining - stage with palms and surfboards. Would really like to see them again and take all our mates - say at Rayners. We recommend them.
Pete Feenstra
17 Jan 2003 18:05 Post #4

Any pics of you Ann, Im keeping!!!!!!!
17 Jan 2003 17:24 Post #3
Venue : Roadhouse

Were looking forward to playing The Rayners on February 1st, lots of really great guitar players will support the launch of our new CD Blues Highway. This CD is the one we are most pleased with, and sweat the most over, but it proved worthwhile.
If anyone wants to be sent an email prompt where we are playing, please go to our website and mail us.
Also, Id like to hear from anyone who has taken pics at any of our gigs.

Let us know what you think of the band, see you soon.

Thanks Rob and Pete, good site.
Pete Feenstra
13 Jan 2003 11:23 Post #2

Thanks Ellen,
We are trying to put together a show in May with both Mike Berry and Steve Gibbons and band, as they both cover Rock & Roll, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly etc.
Thanks for your kind comments,
Pete Feenstra
12 Jan 2003 14:26 Post #1
Venue : Surrey

Saw Mike Berry at The Boom Boom Club- GREAT!!!!!
Please bring him back soon with the Outlaws who played brilliantly. They are great venues Pete books bands for so lets see Mike back.

Thanks a lot.

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