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Matt Long of The Common Collection
09 Mar 2013 18:10 Post #1346
Venue : Boom Boom club

Amazing evening at the Boom Boom club on Friday 8th March supporting the super talented Chantel McGregor. Great crowd, great venue, great fun. An honour to be on the same bill as blues royalty. Apart from being an extraordinary talent, Chantel has a great sense of humour and a relaxed stage presence that makes you feel as though it is just you and her in the room.

Thanks to Chantel and her band, also to Pete Feenstra for the opportunity of playing such a great, lively venue. Keep music live!
Nigel Foster
09 Mar 2013 14:34 Post #1343
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel & Common Collection

Hi Pete

I have said it before but will say it again. We at The Boom Boom are privileged to be able to see such fantastic talent in such an intimate setting. And last night's show was no exception!
First words go to The Common Collection, four very talented young men who have a lot of potential.
A couple of years ago no doubt the same was said of headliner Chantel
McGregor but this lady and her band are the real deal now. Chantel may be diminutive in stature but she is huge in talent and she and the band play with an assuredness of real professionals.

McGregor is placed in the new Blues Rock genre and much as I am a massive fan of the movement that label does her a disservice as she defies mere labelling as last night's eclectic set list amply demonstrated. From the pop sensibility of Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga! To the fire and brimstone of Hendrix (Voodoo Chile). The voice does resemble a certain Stevie Nicks ( not just on Rhiannon, it is velvet smooth whilst being soulful and her guitar playing, that is just stellar. Last night Chantel displayed the full range of her six string genius, riffing, chopping, soloing with the very best of them.

McGregor's own songs stood up alongside some fantastic covers, especially Caught Out, shades of Philip Sayce, wringing out note after note, Like No Other, a real groove. The acoustic slot was awesome and that version of Nothing Else Matters, simply spine tingling. Not sure the original will ever sound the same again.
Personal highlights of a fantastic night, self penned Freefalling and a masterful stretched out version of R Trower's classic Daydream and Jethro Tull’s New Day Yesterday. Anyone that takes songs from those two Guitar Gods and nails them gets my vote.

The UK really does an outrageously gifted talent who deserves to get massive but hopefully never too big to come back to The Boom Boom.

All the best.
Dai & Aileen Jones
09 Mar 2013 13:48 Post #1342
Venue : Boom Boom Blues shows

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to congratulate you on the recent blues related shows at the Boom Boom Club.
The Mentulls are a band with a big future and Ron Sayer band was very stylish. The jam at the end was a pleasant change from the usual million notes a minute.
Jo Harman was also captivating and what a voice! And what can you say about Chantel McGregor, just extraordinary!
Finally a word about the Common Collection; what a great young band. You must get them back soon.
Keep on rockin’!
Dai & Aileen
Gary Taylor
09 Mar 2013 13:03 Post #1341
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel

Another cracking show Pete
All the thanks in the world for growing the blues scene you are a marvel.
Jo Harman
04 Mar 2013 15:22 Post #1339
Venue : Boom Boom

Thank you Boom Boom club for the lovely warm response to our appearance last Saturday and, not least, for listening to our ballads as well as rocking out to our rockers! And thank you for the kind words Nigel which are very much appreciated by myself and the boys. Special thanks to Pete for booking us and for all the staff for looking after us so well, including the lovely Jamie Bell. Best wishes to all concerned and hope to see you again sometime and keep music live! Jo x
Roger Wilks
04 Mar 2013 15:20 Post #1338
Venue : Sutton Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,

Many thanks for a truly great evening on Friday at the Boom Boom Club with Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. It was a real treat to catch some live Argus after all these years, (!), and once again, (like with Focus and Curved Air), we found find that time has not diminished why these guys rightfully deserve a place in the rock and roll hall of fame. It also must be said that the sound quality was quite something for a venue like this. Martin Turner rightfully raised a round of applause for the sound quality because it was very well done. We all reckoned that it was certainly the best twelve quid that any of us has spent this year. It really is quite something when you can re-connect with the golden age of classic rock in Sutton of all places so please keep up the good work. Any chance of getting Stone The Crows with Mayblitz in support?

Nigel Foster
03 Mar 2013 11:26 Post #1337
Venue : Jo Harman/Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,
Now having seen Jo Harman and of course Company, I can understand what all the buzz is about. What a genuinely serious talent JO is and clearly the possessor of an extraordinary voice and last night the set delivered gave her free reign to demonstrate the range and power of her voice.

The set list drew on tracks from the eagerly awaited debut album, original songs, interlaced with some clear live faves and a smattering of well chosen covers ranging from the Beatles to CSNY and particularly the bluesy rendition of Ain't No Love and the massively powerful cover of Joplin's 'Move Over.' Takes courage to cover that lady.

I was mesmerised by Jo's vocal, unusual to see a singer be able to seamlessly switch from soul, to country, to blues and also gospel tinged sounds. Harman is clearly not afraid to lay her soul bare on the haunting and emotive 'Sweet Man Moses,' a public eulogy to her departed dad, truly wonderful.

Mention must also go the Company, exceptionally gifted musicians especially the brilliant Steve Watts on keys, the lead guitarist is no slouch either, riffing, soloing and finger picking in equal measure.

Jo is clearly grounded and humble as she paid respect to people like yourself that keep real music live and seemed genuinely appreciative of the positive audience reaction. All lovely people to meet afterwards too.

This lady deserves real success, I hope she finds it and is back at The Boom Boom soon.

As ever, with kind regards
Michael Collins
13 Feb 2013 19:26 Post #1336
Venue : Boom Boom club Sutton

Hi pete

I just wanted to say that I thought that the sounds of Simon and garfunkel and freewheelin Bob Dylan gig on Friday night was great and the band themselves are fantastic I really hope that they might come back to Sutton again sometime.


Michael Collins
Brenda Maughan
12 Feb 2013 12:47 Post #1335
Venue : Boom Boom club

: Very Happy We really enjoyed the very talented Bill Lennon's performance on Friday 8th feb at the BoomBoom club in Sutton. He is a grat talent and hope to see him again soon

Brenda and Steve
Sarah Fraser
10 Feb 2013 11:48 Post #1334
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,
We came along to the Boom Boom club for the first time last night. We have lived in Sutton for 25 years and I cannot believe we’ve not been before! It was a great night and Perfect Alibi were excellent. We are now looking forward to seeing Fleetwood Bac, although there are a few others I fancy seeing too. I think we could be regulars now!

Sarah Fraser
Johnny Warman
04 Feb 2013 23:50 Post #1333
Venue : Boom Boom Club

To all the wonderful people that turned up to support the first gig with my new band Johnny Warman's Magic Bus I send you all my heartfelt thanks. It just took off from the very opening chords and what an audience. You made so much noise and sang your hearts out and there were even beautiful girls dancing on the seats and the atmosphere was fantastic. I will never forget the reaction to all the new songs especially Get it on which allowed me to play rythmn guitar. The musicians were out of this World and Jeff Rich was on fire. Please tell your mates about the band and we look forward to doing it all again for you at one of the best gigs ever The Boom Boom Club. Huge Thanks to Pete and Bruce
02 Feb 2013 11:30 Post #1332
Venue : boom boom

The Magic Bus took us for an amazing trip of the 60s' congrats Johnny and co for a blistering night it simply rocked the place some great songs there"" Get in on was mind blowing "" as were many others ,look forward to many more?
02 Feb 2013 1:00 Post #1331
Venue : Boom Boom

Johnny Warman and the Magic Bus blew the roof off the Boom Boom tonight, check your insurance.
It was their first night and the place just rocked.
Please pass on our thanks to Johnny and the band (not a bad little drummer by the way!).
Cheers Pete.
28 Jan 2013 21:33 Post #1330
Venue : Feenstra!!!

Pete, just come back from a great weekend at the Rock and Blues Festival in Skegness...

I reckon most of the weekend line up have either played Sutton over the last year or so, or are just about to...

Just shows what a great venue you have going on!...

Focus, Curved Air, Colin Bluntstone, Virgil, others...couldn't see them all.

Hawkwind, John Coglans Quo, Oliver Dawon Sazon, The Animals, Blue Coupe were pretty damn good also...

The very last band of the weekend, Keith Thompson Band were really great and had the whole room dancing...
Patricia Moore
28 Jan 2013 19:45 Post #1329
Venue : Colin Blunstone Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to say it was a brilliant night of music with Colin Blunstone on Friday
Johnny Warman
20 Jan 2013 2:12 Post #1328
Venue : Boom Boom Club

To all the wonderful audience that travelled out to see All Right Now on Friday night and make it so memorable I thank you so much. Due to the adverse weather conditions it could have been a complete wash out but you all turning up made it so worthwhile and I will not forget the noise that you all made and how you sang !!! There was so much interest in the gig and hopefully you will all be able to enjoy the band next time around weather permitting. The Boom Boom Club is a fantastic venue and it is such a great atmosphere. Pete Feenstra said to me at the end ''Johnny it doesn't get any better then that'' and that comment coming from Mr Feenstra set me up for the year and the band were magnificent. Huge thank you again to all that came to see us and please spread the word about this incredible band, My Kindest Regards Johnny Warman
19 Jan 2013 13:01 Post #1327
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Great show from ALL RIGHT NOW last night Boom Boom Club @ Sutton Utd FC
Johnny Warman/John Marter/Ant Wellman/Roy Smith we salute you!!
A power house set was climaxed by ‘Keep On Rocking in the Free World’. Great band and a unique atmosphere (like the Blitz!) from all the folks who managed to make it out in the snow. Above all; a great example of where there’s a will there’s a way! Which is more than can be said for some of the train services!
Nigel Foster
24 Dec 2012 13:14 Post #1326
Venue : Boom Boom

Pete on behalf of the many many members and visitors to The Boom Boom may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous 'rockin' New Year.
Thank you to you and your team for your phenomenal work and for making 2012 a memorable year.
Best wishes Nigel
Owen Tuckett
10 Dec 2012 18:33 Post #1325
Venue : Buddy Whittington

Thanks for a great show on Friday Pete, Buddy Whittington was great. I've already penciled a few in for the New Year.


rob stevens
10 Dec 2012 13:53 Post #1324
Venue : boom boom club

Very Happy i have been going to the boom boom club for many years and have seen some excellent bands, however Uli Jon Roth was outstanding felt very privilidged to be there and meet him. Thank you for reserving our seats and hopefully get Uli back soon
Thank You
Nick Witting
03 Dec 2012 23:22 Post #1323
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Uli Jon Roth

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for a great night last night. Uli Jon Roth...what a legend. It was so cold I nearly stayed in but was so glad I made the effort!!

Thanks again

John Edwards
28 Nov 2012 11:00 Post #1319
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Uli Jon Roth

Great show last night - Uli Jon Roth was as on form as hoped for, but the real star of the evening was the 16 year old guitarist from Brother.....will be a guitar god of the future!

Nigel Foster
24 Nov 2012 16:57 Post #1318
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Skinny Molly & P.A.U.L

Hi Pete

What a show last night, absolutely awesome. Pete the artists you continue to bring to the Boom Boom and the performances they deliver time after time just keep setting the bar higher and higher!

Last night was almost four shows in one, Paul and the Detroit Breakdown were brilliant and more than worth the price of admission on their own. As I said to you, Gunshot Lullaby is a favourite album of mine but I have never seen Paul live before therefore last night was a real privilege. Terrific band with a real bluesy groove and Paul's voice is right up there it is so soulful.

Then Skinny Molly, incorporating some classic Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynrd tracks plus powerful songs of their own. What more could you want? Skinny Molly were quite simply awesome, what a powerhouse of a band and truly evocative of that southern blues rock sound we all love. I thought the tracks from new album 'Haywire Riot' came across really well.
The musicianship from the four dudes was jaw dropping Estes and Johnson make for a mighty fine twin lead guitar attack, switching laying down complex and deft solos and brutal riffs in equal measure. What a tight rhythm section too, so often the unsung heroes!
A really fantastic night.
Ivor Reveley
21 Nov 2012 18:35 Post #1317
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Focus

Hi Pete
Thanks for the concert at the Beaverwood Club last night. What a wonderful evening
Focus are proper legends, enjoying what they were doing and bringing back so many memories from the 70s. I loved the mix of tracks too
Finally, what a support band The Mentulls were!!!! Great stage for them and they lived up to it
Thanks again
Pete Feenstra
21 Nov 2012 16:01 Post #1316
Venue : Beaverwood/Boom Boom

The young band supporting Focus was The Mentulls - excellent .
By the way there's a raft of great young band coming through including The Mentulls, Virgil & The Accelerators, Chantel McGregor, Aaron Keylock, Laurence Jones, Jo Harman, Mitch Laddie, Marcus Bonfanti and many more, all seriously worth making the effort to see.
Conrad Birch
21 Nov 2012 15:57 Post #1315
Venue : Beaverwood/Focus

Hi Pete

Great gig last night with Focus. The Beaverwood just gets better and better...

What was the name of the support band?
Clive & Sue
21 Nov 2012 14:00 Post #1314
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi Pete

Just to thanks for looking after us on Sunday night.

Focus- fantastic, Mentulls- wow!

Best wishes.
Clive & Sue.

Mike Stallard
21 Nov 2012 10:56 Post #1313
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton


Great gig on Friday with Billy Walton Band!

Bought a few 18 year olds along who absolutely loved it!

See you down there soon

Mike Stallard
Mark Challis
21 Nov 2012 10:54 Post #1312
Venue : Boom Boom Club

What a great weekend of music that was!!!
Billy Walton and WT Feaster were rocking, then the excellent Eagles and finally the brilliant Focus and up & coming Mentulls, it doesn't get any better than that.
Matt Love
19 Nov 2012 19:12 Post #1311
Venue : Boom Boom - Focus


Thanks for putting on an amazing show last night at the Boom Boom. Focus were bloody awesome… the tightest live 'musician' band i've ever seen, incredible, with such amounts of good humour as well, awesome. My wife couldn't quite believe she was watching Focus, who she saw in Brazil at the massive Chevrolet Hall a few years ago, playing this intimate venue just up the road from us… and when I pointed out Van Leer standing outside the chippie finishing his dinner, well, it was worth 3 times the ticket price to see the look on her face! :-D

Will defo keep an eye on your upcoming events and I really hope Focus come back next year… Focus X is a superb album too.

Thanks again and take care Pete,

Matt Love
Phil & Gloria Honley
19 Nov 2012 14:02 Post #1310
Venue : Boom Boom/Billy Walton/WT Feaster/The Mentulls/Focus


What a fantastic weekend that was......WT Feaster/Billy Walton Band double header kicked it off in style. Travis gets better every time I see him but what can you say about Billy Walton. I know Joe Bonamassa wants to rule the world and perhaps Billy Walton isn't quite so keen on world domination but for my money Billy Walton edges it as a guitarist.................the guitar is just an extension to his body, such a natural talent. Can't wait to see him back at the Boom Boom next year.

Last night maintained the standard. Focus raise much nostalgia for me and I could have had a whole evening from The Mentulls. They were fabulous and as you announced could become major players. When do we get to see them back as headliners? I bought the CD so that will keep me going in the interim!

See you on Friday for Skinny Molly

Phil & Gloria
Howard Hopkins
19 Nov 2012 12:25 Post #1309
Venue : Boom Boom Club

My first time at the club. Came to watch Focus, they were superb as usual. Loved the venue; nice and intimate. Great bar with well kept beer and plenty of helpful staff. The support band (The Mentalls) were a relavation - how can they be so good at 16!

Thanks for a great evening.
Chris Durrant
19 Nov 2012 9:07 Post #1308
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Buddy Whittington

Hello Pete
Just to say how much I enjoyed Buddy Whittington last Thursday, as a guitarist he is a real craftsman. Good stuff.
See you at Focus.
Christian Hughes
18 Nov 2012 9:51 Post #1307
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Alter Eagles

Hi Pete,
The most amazing night! Absolutely phenomenal! Non-stop music from such an amazing bunch of individuals! So entertaining too!

Funnily enough Sam lives two roads away from my Mum in Hove whom I visiting in a few hours time!!

The Boom Boom is such a great venue with lots of lovely people!

C u soon (Viva Santana!)

Best wishes

Phil Ashton
17 Nov 2012 12:22 Post #1306
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Buddy Whittington

Hi Pete!
Really enjoyable the contrast of styles between the energetic youngsters Laurence Jones and Buddy Whittington’s ol’ boy vocals n fine guitar playing. Reminded me of the sheriff in the bond movie as the boat flew over from one lake to another saying in wide eyed wonder; god darn that - what was that darn thing ? Thx for supporting the blues in affluent Chiswick.
Pete Skinner
17 Nov 2012 11:19 Post #1305
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton & WT Feaster

Great show last night Pete!
Having the two bands play for a shorter time really added something extra,proving that 1+1 can sometimes make 3.

Especially pleased to see how much the WT Feaster band have come on, the last time I saw him I thought he was Ok,but last night he really impressed me.
Darren Weale
16 Nov 2012 9:51 Post #1304
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Buddy Whittington

Good night out at the Beaverwood Club, another excellent show put on by Mr Pete Feenstra. Laurence Jones did an excellent job of support and if Buddy Whittington was any more polished he'd be cast in marble. Terrific musician and no mean singer."
Dave Pilgrim
12 Nov 2012 21:55 Post #1302
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Strawbs

Hi Pete,

Just a quick email to say a big thanks for another great gig with the Strawbs on Friday (and the chance to buy the Mighty Dave C a drink!).

Take care and thanks again.

Dave P
Trevor French
08 Nov 2012 13:02 Post #1301
Venue : Bulls Head at Barnes

Re: The Jay Stapley Ban

What a great fun band with great musicians all intent in having a good time themselves. Great line up with Keyboards, three guitars, saxophone, electric violin and drums. Great to see Mike Berry and can't wait to see the whole band again on 7th January

Nice one Pete!
Dave Binder
21 Oct 2012 14:55 Post #1298
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stan Webb

Hi there Pete
Just thought I'd like to "put mouse to mat" and thank you for a great evening.
Eric was a great character & made us newcomers most welcome and the girls behind the bar were friendly & professional.
Stan was, of course on top form, it was great to see him live again and we look forward to our next visit and will be regularlary checking your site for other gigs.

thanks again
John Wilkinson
09 Oct 2012 11:50 Post #1297
Venue : Boom Boom

With regard to the sound and lights at Sutton.

Sound I cannot comment on as my band always takes our own PA but lights are an issue. There is a smoke alarm installed which cannot be by-passed for safety reasons. This limits the effectiveness of any lights. We only put a minimum rig up with this in mind.
Thanks to all the Genesis fans who came down last Saturday and made it a great night for us.

Best wishes

Geoff Thorpe
09 Oct 2012 11:13 Post #1296
Venue : Boom Boom

I've been to a few gigs organised by Pete and he does a really good job of bringing real music to the area.

I do agree the sound is generally very poor at the Boom Boom, although I saw Albert Lee there the other week and the sound was excellent that night!!

Keep up the good work Pete!
03 Oct 2012 17:06 Post #1295
Venue : sutton


i have been 3 times so far....

3 great bands
good beer

poor sound and lighting
Les D’Olivera
22 Sep 2012 8:06 Post #1293
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stray

Hi Pete
Really enjoyed Stray last night at the Boom Boom. Del’s got so much passion for the music and what a guitarist!
Great to see Pete Dyer up with them again. Also decent support from Steve Eggs band, polished country rock. Great night all-round

John Wilkinson
20 Sep 2012 11:08 Post #1289
Venue : The Boom Boom

Hi there.

Just a quick word to say hope to see all you Genesis fans at The Boom Boom on 6th October (Note this does not apply to imaginary attendees Rolling Eyes )

Our website is

and we have a selection of video on there for you to enjoy.
Roger Bristow
19 Sep 2012 15:27 Post #1288
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Aynsley Lister

Hi Pete,
Just to say thanks for last night. Aynsley & his band were brilliant. Thanks for all the effort you put into organising these gigs. Hope to get to another soon.
Lamb Bristow
19 Sep 2012 10:51 Post #1287
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Zombies

Hi Pete,

I just wanted to thank you again for last night.
It was great to see the Zombies in such an intimate venue as the Boom Boom Club and I couldn't have done it without you.
It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for giving me a new, great music memory.

Lamb xx
Tim Rothwell
17 Sep 2012 15:23 Post #1286
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Zombies

Hello Pete,
Really enjoyed Blackheart and Zombies on Saturday.
clare cooper
17 Sep 2012 7:47 Post #1285
Venue : Boom Boom, Sutton

Hello, Pete. Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed The Zombies gig on Saturday. They were on top form and we were in awe of their longevity!! Looking and sounding fantastic - must be the rock and roll lifestyle, lol! Thank you for organising such a great gig and congratulations on ten years at Sutton - huge thanks to you, as always, for making it all happen! X
Steve Fraser
16 Sep 2012 13:39 Post #1284
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Zombies

Hi Pete,

Thanks very much for the wonderful Zombies gig last night. Tremendous. You mentioned that Colin will be doing some shows next year for his new album. Can you confirm the venues and dates please?

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06 Sep 2012 7:34 Post #1283
Venue :

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Nigel Poulter
02 Sep 2012 11:26 Post #1282
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mods & Rockers

Hi Pete
Great set by The Mods at the Boom Boom on Friday.....they really tore it up ....great band.
Also happy 10th Boom Boom birthday. You have done so much for live music. Thank you young man. Rock & Roll.
Steve J
02 Sep 2012 11:23 Post #1281
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mods v Rockers


Had a fab night at the Boom Boom on Friday, the band were on top form
and Johnny's energy was transformed to the crowd, and all for a £10

Keep rocking

Steve Ex Feltham
Jacky Caine
28 Aug 2012 15:02 Post #1279
Venue : Boom Boom/ Elvis

Dear Pete

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Elvis night on Friday, and to thank you also for saving me such a great seat – on the right of the stage, very near the front. I have known the third Elvis, John Burrows and his family, since I met them in America on the 20th Anniversary Fan Club Trip, and we have remained good friends ever since. However, as I don’t drive, I don’t get to see him performing very often, as although I can get to various places, it isn’t so easy getting home late at night on public transport. So I was delighted to be able to see him at the Boom Boom Club. I had a brilliant evening. Thank you so much.

With best wishes
Caroline Hughes
27 Aug 2012 8:45 Post #1278
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Elvis 35th

The Elvis anniversary show was brill!! It was a really great evening! Hope they come back Caroline
Ken Smith
27 Aug 2012 8:43 Post #1277
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Elvis 35th


just wanted to say how superb last friday night was with the 3 elvises they were all absolutely brilliant, Mark didn't go cos 'he doesn't like elvis' well i defy anyone seeing that show to come out of it saying they didn't have a good time. Hope you can get thenm back some time.
Julie Hautot
27 Aug 2012 7:30 Post #1276
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Elvis 35th

Hi Pete
just had to say what a bloody good night at the boom boom on friday with elvis and the cc riders, they were excellent cant wait for them to come again thanks pete
24 Aug 2012 7:47 Post #1275
Venue : Boom Boom

You have GOT to get Too Petty back. Brilliant.
Steve Braddick
05 Aug 2012 18:34 Post #1272
Venue : Boom Boom Club/ZZ Tops

Hello Pete,

We went to see ZZ Tops on Friday - bloody excellent show, top marks!


John Wilkinson
03 Aug 2012 20:43 Post #1271
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi " Gail"

I can assure you that none of your insinuations are correct. The reaction of the crowd in both Boom Boom and Beaverwood would suggest you and your little crowd were very much in the minority if indeed you were there at all

So.... Disgruntled Genesis / Phil Collins tribute band member ( or ex member ) who is jealous of our success is all I can think of.

03 Aug 2012 16:21 Post #1270
Venue : Boom Boom

Obviosuly you are a member of the Genesis band or a good friend yourself to heep such praise! Just so so, hardly the best act we've had at The Boom Boom!

Won't be seeing them again myself and our little crowd said the same.
John Stringer
24 Jul 2012 13:58 Post #1269
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Saturday night was a real treat if you like Genesis. Mama where absolutely top notch very accurate in fact they where so good i went along to see them again on Sunday at the Beaverwood, these guys have to be one of the top uk tribute bands.

And it was good to hear In The Cage played to perfection
Phil Honley
24 Jun 2012 17:02 Post #1266
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Popa Chubby & Stuart James

Hi Pete
That was some gig on was some time in coming but my first Popa Chubby experience was well worth the wait. Stuart James band provided excellent support.
Guy Wood
24 Jun 2012 16:57 Post #1265
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Popa Chubby

Hi Pete
Thanks for a top night!! Popa chubby was the nuts.
Cheers mate see you soon.
Nigel Foster
23 Jun 2012 7:59 Post #1264
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Popa Chubby & Stuart James


As I said to you at the end of the gig, tonight was an absolute
privilege, that was Blues playing of the very highest order.

After that you can see why that old Stratacaster is so beat up and
sweat soaked, Popa Chubby pours everything into his shows and tonight
was no exception and he is backed by a super tight rhythm section.

Wonderful guitar playing, one second piledriver riffs, the next
featherlight dancing up the fretboard. Angel On My Shoulder was
sublime and it may have been unscripted, but the encore of Hallelulah
was just beautiful.

Respect and thanks to The Stuart James Band also for making a great
noise with some fine tunes.

Popa Chubby was also spot on with his comments about you, you do
deserve massive respect for the work you put into the Boom Boom and
promoting such great artists. Long may it continue and I thank you.

2012 is shaping up to be a vintage year for The Boom Boom, what a
stellar cast you have had grace the club so far, Chantel McGregor,
Dani Wilde, The Nimmo Brothers and of course the majestic Walter
Trout. And there is more to come, Mitch Laddie, Laurence Jones and
Aynsley Lister to name just three.

Thanks again and kind regards

Nigel Foster
John Wilkinson
15 Jun 2012 15:09 Post #1263
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi there.

Just a quick word to say hope to see all you Genesis fans at The Boom Boom and The Beaverwood in July

Our website is

and we have a selection of video on there for you to enjoy.
07 Jun 2012 20:00 Post #1262
Venue : Sutton

Hi Pete,
Have just seen the interview you did with Blues Caravan and wanted to thank you for it. Liked the way you drew out the whys and wherefores. Looks like we have a bright future with people like this instead of dwelling on the past.
07 Jun 2012 2:34 Post #1261
Venue : Boom Boom

The Mods were just 'awesome'. Never seen the crowd so animated. Great night Pete. Thanks
Darren Wisdom
28 May 2012 17:53 Post #1260
Venue : Bull's Head, Barnes

Hi Pete,
Well anyone not at The Bull's Head on Monday 21st may ended up missing one hell of a gig with the Rietta Austin Band! Simply one of the best gigs I've been to ever - just a magnificent tour de force of Blues and Soul. Rietta had gathered around her the most incredible band of pro musicians (incl. Jeff Allan, Mick Taylor's drummer) and three backing singers! Door price was a mere tenner, but I'd have gladly paid two or even three times that price for the quality of music and performance on offer!!! Please let's not wait over a year to see her again.
Best regards,
Ken Jackson
22 May 2012 20:12 Post #1259
Venue : Boom Boom

Really enjoyed Danni Wilde last week amazing voice live,she did a great set.

Would love to see King King or the Nimmo brothers back as soon as you can ,what a great night both times.
Dave Pilgrim
22 May 2012 10:24 Post #1258
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,

Just a quick email to say thanks for the gigs you pull off. Not sure how you manage it but everyone has been a brilliant night and not a bum note in sight!!

Take care.
Keith Rule
20 May 2012 14:37 Post #1257
Venue : Stackridge & Curved Air/Beaverwood & Boom Boom

Just writing to express a big and heartfelt fanx for sortin' out my seat for the recent Stackridge & Curved Air gigs!

Stackers were wonderful at both venues, which came as no surprise to me, of course, but I was pleased just how much of the newer material they committed to playing in their set. Without Mutter, I s'pose there were some old fave's that he used to sing that they couldn't really do justice to without him, which made room. Nonetheless I do get a bit fed up with some older bands who rest entirely upon ancient laurels, rather than including something a bit more fresh and exciting in amongst the seasoned classics the fans want to hear. - So well done Stackridge and I do hope you will get them back in Sutton & Chislehurst when next they tour.

As for Curved Air - I must admit I've been witness to a couple of the tours they've done with various cobbled together line-ups since the late '70s, when Sonja, and perhaps the odd one or two of the other originals, have thrown something together to take on the road, and I've usually found them reasonably enjoyable in a nostalgic way, but all a bit disappointing and 'going-through-the-motions' really. Likewise the occasional live album that has resulted. Even when most of the originals got back together in 1990, it seemed under-rehearsed and plagued with bad sound and equally bad vibes. However the excellent new live CD from last years tour (which I didn't catch,) had quite surprised me and gave me hopes that this Curved Air was something more like a real CURVED AIR, with a real band attitude and a zest for life; a Curved Air that actually meant business. - Nonetheless I was totally unprepared for them to be quite as excellent as they were last Friday! ...What a f****** wonderful gig!!!
Dawn Clark
09 May 2012 7:41 Post #1256
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Absolute Bowie

Hi Pete,

We saw Absolute Bowie, the David Bowie tribute on Sunda , it was amazing. He sounded just like him. Loved it , think I'm going to be come a groupie, ha ha.

Hazel Stratton
07 May 2012 23:07 Post #1255
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Bowie

Ian Fry
07 May 2012 23:04 Post #1254
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Absolute Bowie

Hi Pete,
just a line to say what a great night last night with Absolute Bowie. The bloke is brilliant,and the band as well.
Pete Skinner
03 May 2012 18:51 Post #1253
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stackridge

Hi Pete,
Hi Pete. Just to say I greatly enjoyed Stackridge on thursday. They weren't a band I was exposed to in the 70s. About a year ago I picked up the first lp but it didn't jump out at me...I'll have to give it another listen. However bowled over on the night by great musicianship especially Cresswell-Davis's guitar playing and frontline vocal harmonies recalling late 60s CSNY and the left me really impressed.
Richard Davies
30 Apr 2012 8:18 Post #1252
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton Band

Thanks for a great gig on Friday night, Pete.
Stackridge were fantastic.

John Martin
29 Apr 2012 8:57 Post #1251
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton

Thanks Pete
The Billy Walton Band were really great last night. I had no idea what exceptional musicians I was going to be seeing before I got there.

Thanks so much for all the quality bands you bring to us in Sutton. It's really appreciated.
Cheers, John
Jacky Cross
28 Apr 2012 14:29 Post #1250
Venue : Boom Boom Club Sutton

Blackheart - Acoustic - brilliant! Reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot and Sarah MacLachlan, Canada. Stackbridge - great musicianship. Enjoyed greatly. Pity it was SPOILT by four cretins talking through the whole evening and more intent on a mobile phone game! Why do they turn up to a LIVE music gig! Resisted telling them to SHUT UP, but please! ? What to do??
27 Apr 2012 16:20 Post #1249
Venue : Beaverwood/Boom Boom Club

Great to see Chantel McGregor and the band back for two gigs in two days. Chantel really knows how to put on a show and squeezes every last drop out of the time she is allowed on stage. And when Chantel gets an idea in her head, she has to go for it. Great guitarist, great vocalist, and a huge star of tomorrow.
Jacky Cross
23 Apr 2012 12:08 Post #1248
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,
Chantel, brilliant. Ron Sayer, really Great.
Storm Warning, FAB and the Nimmo Brothers, totally mind-blowing. THANKS
Missed you not being there.
Jacky X
Jacqui Miles
23 Apr 2012 9:16 Post #1247
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Nimmo Brothers

Hope you are well,
The Nimmo Brothers were INCREDIBLE, better than sex.......!!
Norman Summerfield
21 Apr 2012 18:13 Post #1246
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel McGregor

Hi Pete

Great show last night Pete, Chantel is a very talented musician.

I took one of our footballing friends and he really enjoyed the Boom Boom.

The word is still spreading!


Paul Clampin
21 Apr 2012 10:43 Post #1245
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel McGregor

Hi Pete,
Just to say that chantel just gets better and her voice is really starting ti mature. She remains one of the best kept secrets on the music scene. Also Ron Sayer Jr and his fab band were also great and the crowd loved him. Would be great to see him back again.
All the best
James Tweed
20 Apr 2012 9:08 Post #1244
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Willie Nile

Just quick note to thank you for organising the sensational Willie Nile concert last Saturday. What an amazing evening that was. I'm still buzzing almost a week later.
Alan Fitter
16 Apr 2012 11:01 Post #1243
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Willie Nile

Hi Pete,
Just a quick email to thank you for putting on the gig on Saturday. I’d been wanting to see Willie for a long time and to see him at the Boom Boom was a delight. He put on an amazing show
Thanks again and hopefully he’ll come back when he’s next touring the UK.
PS There was a girl photographer (slim, long black curly hair) taking lots of shots – do you know who she was as the friend I went with said he wouldn’t mind getting some good photos of the gig.
Julie McNamarra
02 Apr 2012 7:44 Post #1242
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Eric Sardinas

HI Pete

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting tix on door for my friends and I. Erics show was fab and it was great to say "hello" to him again! It was nice to meet you too. Many thanks and let me know when he's back here!!
All the best,
Julie McNamara
Terri Horton
02 Apr 2012 7:32 Post #1241
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Eric Sardinas

Hi Pete,
Just a quick word to say, thanks so much for bringing Eric Sardinas back to the Boom Boom club - last night was fantastic, loved it and had a great time
Thanks Terri
Kevin Nicholls
30 Mar 2012 9:00 Post #1240
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Eric Sardinas

Hi Pete,
just back from the Philippines so thie Eric Sardinas/DJB show was my first rock 'n roll of 2012. What a way to start!
Thanks for all the great music, see you at Stacie Collins
Paul Fairhall
27 Mar 2012 9:50 Post #1238
Venue : Boom Boom Club/King King

Hi Peter

My friend and I very much enjoyed the gig with King King and young Laurence Jones yesterday.
Alan Nimmo's King King were a fabulous tight band and four great individual musicians. Splendid stuff.

All the best
Stephen Cornall
25 Mar 2012 19:03 Post #1237
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout

Hi Pete,
I just wanted to say what a fantastic gig it was the other week. Never seen Walter before but heard and read lots about him the Guitar Mags. He doesn't half give it loads and his rye sense of humour is a treat. I'll be back......

Rod webb
25 Mar 2012 9:26 Post #1236
Venue : Beaverwood Club

Hi Pete,

Another fabulous evening spent at the Beaverwood.....and this having
been said I would now like to expand upon my compliment.

Living in Sidcup the location is superb for me....I sometimes walk or
find a place in the car park if I turn up early enough. The staff,
both on the door and at the bar are fabulous....courteous, relaxed,
friendly and serve you far quicker than at most pubs. The loos are
good, optional seating and tables are available and it is never so
crowded that I can't always find space near the front to gain a good
view of the band. A great venue!

As for Absolute Bowie; as with the rest of the audience I appreciated
the fact that both you and the band engaged with us in making the
point that the bass player had been brought in at only a couple of
hours notice. Musically this didn't matter a damn as the guy never put
a note wrong and his newness was seamless to my eye and ears. Their
performance was stonking.....I don't remember such a great evenings
entertainment with proper music, played by proper musicians.

If the opportunity arises will you please pass on my thanks both to
the BC staff, and the band, and I will look forward to further great
performances there.

Keep up the good is very much appreciated.

Kindest regards

Grahame Harris
19 Mar 2012 11:46 Post #1235
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout & WT Feaster

Venue: Boom Boom Club
Hi Pete, just to let you know how much I enjoyed Walter the other night. He was onfire from the off and never let up. I get the feeling that he really enjoys playing at Sutton, whether its the small venue or the enthusiastic crowd, but he seems to pull out all the stops whenever he's in town. As a footnote, W.T.Feaster probably learnt more about chords and notes in the 5-minute jam than in the last 5 years! Cheers Pete, and thanks once again.
Darren Weale
18 Mar 2012 11:33 Post #1234
Venue : Beaverwood Club/WT Feaster

Back from watching WT Travis Feaster at the Beaverwood Club, that band gets better every time I see them. Great set and can't wait to hear the new album which lurks in its cellophane close by, but I never listen to recorded music after a gig so that will be in the car first thing in the morning. The title track, Juggling Dynamite, played live was a fine example of great songwriting to an excellent, fluid Blues sound."
Trevor Gear
14 Mar 2012 20:20 Post #1233
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Trout & Feaster

Hi Pete

Thanks for a great evening last night with Walter Trout & WT Feaster bands. Really excellent.

Dave Miller
14 Mar 2012 19:59 Post #1232
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout

Hi Pete

Just a quickie e-mail to say what a brilliant time i had last night at the Boom Boom Club with Walter Trout and the WT Feaster Band. It was my first vist to the Boom Boom having been introduced by my old mate Prakash who lives down the same road as me in Hailsham, he's been trying to persuade me to go with him for ages but its been difficult to find the time due to work committments, i will sure make a lot more effort in the future if all your gigs are to this standard! Fantastic atmosphere and red hot music. Thanks so much for putting on gigs like this at such affordable prices - well impressed. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Cheers Pete

Best wishes Dave Miller
Guy Wood
14 Mar 2012 11:02 Post #1231
Venue : Boom Boom/Trout & Feaster

Hi Pete
Just wanted to say what a top night we had, Walter was Amazing as usual and so was WT feaster.
Thanks again
Jeff McNamara
14 Mar 2012 9:37 Post #1230
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Walter Trout

What à fantastic night with Walter and Wt Feaster - l loved it.

Nigel Foster
14 Mar 2012 9:28 Post #1229
Venue : Boom Boom club/Walter Trout

How do you distill that show tonight? Other than to say I think you created local music history this evening. To have a true legend in our midst was really special
It is always a pleasure to see Walter but with his massive standing in the blues scene tonight was a true privilege to see him up close and really personal at the Boom Boom. It is also a measure of the regard in which you are held that you can secure such acts.
Walter Trout is the complete package, a truly gifted guitarist and song writer and a man with charisma and humour.
Highlights tonight, too many to list but I thought the jam session with the precociously talented WT Feaster was outrageous.
Live music is my inspiration and I am inspired tonight. The alarm will sound in five and a half hours but I won't need it, the adrenaline will wake me.
Thanks Pete
14 Mar 2012 8:39 Post #1228
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi Pete. thanks for a great night with Walter Trout at the boom boom. such a great guitarist loved every minute of it. I was glad to see Brian back doing the sound again, what an improvement from the other guy !
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