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Steve Braddick
12 Mar 2012 7:53 Post #1227
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Roxy Magic

Morning Pete

Went to the Roxy Magic gig last night, really excellent evening, thanks. see you at Dizzy Lizzy
Jeff Nurse
09 Mar 2012 13:05 Post #1226
Venue : Beaverwood Club/MTWA

Hi Pete

My friends and I, really enjoyed the show at Beaverwood last night. Wishbone Ash were excellent and the venue made it better with the intimacy and acoustics. Sound was brilliant, powerful but not too loud as some are.

Only gripe was the tall people in front of the stage, but as I'm a shortar** everyone's taller!!!

Keep it rocking.
Mal Phillips
09 Mar 2012 13:03 Post #1225
Venue : Beaverwood Club/MTWA

The Ash nailed it last nite. A bit (lot) older but the twin guitars still sound marvellous. I'd forgotten what an ace bass player Martin Turner was/is. The best night I've spent in ages. Pete Feenstra is a freakin' god for getting all these great bands into his clubs.
John Wilkinson
07 Mar 2012 16:15 Post #1224
Venue : Boom Boom and Beaverwood

Hi all.

Just a quick post to say how much we in Mama are looking forward to our "World Tour of the South" in July

21/July Boom Boom
22/July Beaverwood

Two great venues which some of us played last year with Face Value last year.

Hope to see some of you there

Best wishes

Jamie Bell
05 Mar 2012 18:09 Post #1223
Venue : City Funk Orchetsra

Stunning night with the CFO, see other comments we received after the show below

wow! I had an amazing evening last night - I was the very animated girl at the front shaking my booty! City Funk Orchestra are one of the best bands I've seen in a LONG time. All so talented, and Vanessa sure does have some unbelievable chops on her - I can only dream of having a range and tone like that! Can't wait to see you all again :-) keep it funky! X
Olivia Stevens
Awesome music from the Funk Orchestra at the Boom Boom last night
Sam Roote Keefe
Thanks for a great evening at the Boom Boom ..... hopefully see you again soon
Colin Castledine
Great gig at The Boom Boom with the CFO. Thanks
Malcolm Turness

Fantastic night with the City Funk Orchestra at the Boom Boom.....look forward to next time

Phil Honley

Totally fab to have such a funky band at the Boom Boom club. Totally loved it. :-)

Babs Child

CFO are a real class act that deserves any success that comes its way.
Pete Thompson

Len Friend
22 Feb 2012 21:34 Post #1222
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Thanks for another great night with The Revolutionairs on monday.I really hope you will be getting them back again. Smile
Simone froud
21 Feb 2012 20:17 Post #1221
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,
thanks for last night's Revolutionares show at the Boom Boom, it was a blast! I adore the Revs, good space to dance too, well done!

clare cooper
20 Feb 2012 8:51 Post #1220
Venue : Sutton

I echo BB's sentiments, Pete!! Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed Perfect Alibi on Saturday. Great turnout for a truly great band. Fabulous songs, fabulous musicianship - get them back again soon!! Very Happy
Barry Barnes
19 Feb 2012 0:17 Post #1219
Venue : United Kingdom

I'd just like to say what a top man Pete Feenstra is - I wish there was a Pete in every town in Europe - it would make life easy - Pete keeps it going - Thank you Pete!!

Antonio Ramirez
07 Feb 2012 19:32 Post #1213
Venue : Skinny Molly @ The Beaverwood

Hi Pete
Hallo Pete,

The missus and I really liked the Skinny Molly show - you're a hero for bringing over these great acts from the US, long may it continue! Great sound, great guys.

We're looking forward to the next WT Feaster gig in March, it'll be our 3rd time seeing them at the Beaverwood, can't wait
Jacqui Miles
04 Feb 2012 14:50 Post #1212
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Larry Miller

Thanks for last night's gig, what a character Larry is, it certainly made my birthday
special, mind you, would of gone home with him if he'd asked!! A groupie at my age!!
Thanks again for all your hard work in organising these music treats.
Jacqui x
Clare Cooper
30 Jan 2012 22:43 Post #1211
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Mods

Thanks for yet another great evening with The Mods last night! I thought there was a good turnout for them, and the sound seemed a lot better as well - anything to do with it being a live recording, perchance?! You might just be able to detect my shrieks of appreciation after every song, although they may prefer to edit those out! I paid out a small fortune in cab fares to get there and back, but worth every penny, believe me - that band are just incredible! :
Mal Philips
27 Jan 2012 14:56 Post #1210
Venue : Beaverwood Club All Right Now

Great show last night at the Beaverwood. All Right Now is one helluva band. The spirit of Free & Bad Co really came through. Be My friend and Fire & Water were especially good. Thx for a great night & hope to c u guys again soon. Good luck in the marathon!.
Elizabeth Brown
23 Jan 2012 17:43 Post #1209
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Kast Off Kinks

Hi Pete

Just to say I thought The Kast off Kinks were brilliant at the Boom Boom Club last night.
Thanks for putting them on.
Thanks Liz
Dave Smith
22 Jan 2012 10:47 Post #1208
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Larry Miller

Hi Pete
Just got back from the Beaverwood gig at Chistlehurst. What a fantastic show. Laz played 3 killer songs from his new album. He finished the gig with amazing versions of Rory's Walking on Hot Coals and Shadow Play. Just as you think he cannot get any better........Wow.
Dave Smith
Keith Whitnell
22 Jan 2012 9:36 Post #1207
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Larry Miller

Hi Pete
Thanks for bringing Larry Miller to the Beaverwood, he was absolutely superb - probably the best guitarist I have ever seen.
Trevor Allen
22 Jan 2012 9:02 Post #1206
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Larry Miller band

Hi Pete

Larry Miller was great at the Beavwerwood, he's playing the best he ever has, get him back soon

21 Jan 2012 10:12 Post #1205
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Sounds of S&G

Just got back from the Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel / Freewheelin Bob Dylan.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Will look forward to seeing them again in the future
Johnny Burns
21 Jan 2012 9:37 Post #1204
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Larry Miller

Hi Pete,

Saw the Larry Miller Band for the 1st time last night at the Beaverwood and he was sensational. Can't believe I'd not even heard of him before last week (I know I must have been living in a different country for the last 10 years!).

Many thanks for putting him on.
17 Jan 2012 12:03 Post #1203
Venue : Australia

Great evening with Walter Trout & P-A-U-L Pete. Bit of a coup getting Walter to play in deepest darkest Chislehurst!
Smile Smile
Laura Whyte
07 Jan 2012 11:34 Post #1200
Venue : Sutton

Our friends invited ud along last night to see 'This brilliant Beatles band'. My husband and I aren't massive fans but decided to go and what a show! We found ourselves singing along to very song and in fact the whole crowd were singing. We're sitting here now with a cuppa and can't think when we had such a great night out.

They were all excellent but that Paul Macartney chap must be his twin youger brother or something. He just was 'him'. He must have spent hours studying him that it was in fact quite spooky at times.

We'll definately be back to see one of your other another bands there and obviously to see 'The Imagine Beatles' next time. Thanks so much for a wonderful night out.
Johnny Warman
02 Jan 2012 12:49 Post #1198
Venue : Bulls Head Barnes

Tonight January 2nd, in the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere of the Bulls Head in Barnes, All Right Now perform an unplugged set of Blues featuring the music of Free and Bad Company. All the hits and favourites with Johnny Warman on vocals and acoustic guitar, Roy Smith on electric guitar and Ant Wellman on bass. It is such a great room to play in and hope that you can make it along. Johnny x
Johnny Warman
20 Dec 2011 17:29 Post #1196
Venue : The Beaverwood Club

Calling all 60's Music Fans especially 1964-1970 !!! The Mods will be playing a full 2 hour Special Mod Christmas Show this Thursday 22nd December celebrating the Greatest Era of Popular Music from some of the Greatest Bands in the World. The Stones The Beatles The Kinks The Small Faces The Who !!! Spencer Davis The Doors David Bowie Syd Barrett Sam the Sham Desmond Dekker The Yardbirds and many more. We will tear it up and give it 500% as always and if you feel like dressing up? then please feel free and completely let yourselves go in this wonderful atmosphere as our aim is your complete involvement by laughing singing clapping and just having the time of your lives. They were such exciting times and we will do all we can to recreate it for you.
19 Dec 2011 11:08 Post #1195
Venue : Boom Boom Sutton

Hi Pete

First time at the Club Saturday for the City Funk Orchestra absolutely different bananas very impressed and will def round up a group for the return on the 3rd March, once confirmed. Very good night thanks very much.

John Causer
16 Dec 2011 10:58 Post #1194
Venue : Beavewrwood Club/King King

Just had to let you know how much my pal and I enjoyed the show with King King at the Beaverwood.
We have being going to concerts for some 40 years.
We both said that this concert was up there with the very best.
The songs just got better and better.i said they will not top that one and lo and behold you got even better.well done.
Aword of thanks to the band who were as tight as we have seen at the beaverwood.
The album has not left the car since the gig and we look forward to seeing you in 2012.

Many Thanks for the perfect LIVE gig.
Clive & Sue Osgood
14 Dec 2011 22:07 Post #1193
Venue : Boom Boom

Hi Pete
Just to say thanks for looking after us so well at the Boom Boom last night.
Albert Lee was fantastic, if its possible, he just gets better with age!!
We really enjoyed the night. Great Band.
Early good wishes fo Christmas and the New Year.
Thanks again,see you soon.
Clive, Sue and family.
clare cooper
14 Dec 2011 13:49 Post #1192
Venue : Boom Boom, Sutton

Thoroughly entertaining evening at The Mods/Four Bills Christmas Party last Friday. A good bop and hearty singalong was just what the doctor ordered! Huge thanks to the band for putting on a non-stop stonker of a show and to you, Pete, as always, for all your efforts - I don't know what we'd all do without you! X
Denise Chaplin
14 Dec 2011 11:38 Post #1191
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Albert Lee

Hi Pete ,once again another great night . Albert lee was simply the best.thank you, have a great xmas see you next year for some more terrific music,
Michael Childs
11 Dec 2011 22:49 Post #1190
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stoney Curtis Band

Definitely an amazing gig at the Boom Boom and you have a new fan! Everyone should be listening to Stoney! Great to meet you last night. Hope Amsterdam goes good! I'm sure you'll blow them away!
Steve Dennis
11 Dec 2011 22:46 Post #1189
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stoney Curtis

Saw Stoney at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton last night. Absolutely fantastic. I have been a fan of rock and blues rock for many years and Stoney is right up there with the best guitarists. His guitar solos are amazing. Spoke with him after and he is a great guy as well. He will hopefully be back in the UK next year - don't miss out next time!!
Darren Wisdom
09 Dec 2011 17:51 Post #1188
Venue : The Music Palace, Crouch End

Hi Pete,
Last Sunday's Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes gig at The Music Palace takes my award for the highest quality all round gig experience in 2011 - and I get out to quite a few!! Fabulous World class musicianship, awesome PA, Sound Engineer & outboard gear, cystal clear hi-fi sound, wonderful upscale venue with reasonable bar prices and all for a lower ticket price than the West End venues (none of which have ever heard of, "customer service" and treat their customers as a minor inconvenience)!!!! Live music just doesn't get better than this - at any level. You continue enthusiastically striving to bring us top quality live Rock & Blues music whilst others put bottom line economics before considerations of musical quality.
Best regards,
Darren Wisdom
09 Dec 2011 17:30 Post #1187
Venue : All saints Arts Centre, Whetstone

Hi Pete, Thank you so much for organising the return of the Stoney Curtis Band! As you know, Stoney hasn't played in the UK since his last shows for you way back in 2008!! From memory both Stoney and his new European band were way better than the last couple of times around in 2006 & 2008 (not that they were in any shape or form bad back then). Also the support act, young Italian (Satriani-alike), guitarist Diego Budicin is far, far too talented to remain an unknown quantity on these shores for long. Don't let Stoney leave so long next time!!
Best regards,
Phil Honley
09 Dec 2011 13:33 Post #1186
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi Pete,

Fantastic night last night. Really enjoyed Dave Jackson Band having missed him at the album launch. Perhaps you could get Diego back with a full band as that would be interesting and having spoken to him before the gig he is enjoying the learning experience anf indeed the guidance that Stoney has offered him. Stoney Curtis was excellent. The only downside was the small audience.....a little bit of rain and wind and the whole nation comes to a was their loss as they missed a treat.
Steve Hunter
09 Dec 2011 10:31 Post #1185
Venue : Beaverwood Club/King King

An excellent gig last night with King King and Liam Tarpey and his band who had the 'old un's' nodding their heads in approval. And I'm pretty sure I saw a few tapping feet, followed by Alan Nimmo who never under delivers, last night was special, thanks guy's for a great night.....
Johnny Warman
08 Dec 2011 22:23 Post #1184
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hope all you soul party fans can make it to watch 4 Bill$ tomorrow night as we have our annual 4Bill$ / Mods Christmas Party with Andy Hamilton on saxophone, and he is without doubt one of the finest players in the World. George Michael agrees as he has played in his bands for 20 years !!! We will give you our best shot with over 2 hours of world class music and revel in your participation and reaction as we dance and laugh towards 2012. Thank you all so much for supporting us so faithfully and we take this chance of wishing you all the best Christmas and Happy New Year. Big thanks to Bruce and especially Pete Feenstra for his continued support. Maximum Entertainment
Love Johnny Warman x
Steve Lomas
06 Dec 2011 14:41 Post #1183
Venue : Albert Lee @ The Music Palace N8

Awesome gig by Albert on Sunday Pete.
Thanks for putting on such a top class act in our home town. Will keep an ear out for the next one!


Stephen Dennis
03 Dec 2011 17:26 Post #1182
Venue : Great shows

Just want to thank you for all you are doing to bring high quality blues-rock to our area, whether it is from the UK, USA or Europe, established artists or up and coming British stars. Without all your efforts, this opportunity would not be there. So thanks again. Best regards, Steve
Darren Wisdom
02 Dec 2011 18:17 Post #1181
Venue : The Grove, Wimbledon

The Stone Electric play The Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 on Saturday 3rd December 2011.
Darren Wisdom
01 Dec 2011 19:56 Post #1180
Venue : AllSaints Arts Centre, Whetstone

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed both the Dave Jackson Band and The Stone Electric at All Saints Arts Centre last Sunday! The Dave Jackson Band are well above average and could have headlined easily. The previous poster who likened The Stone Electric to The Black Crowes but with the vocals of Janis Joplin was bang on the money! Just awesome energy and power from this band from Austin, Texas!! Stone Electric depart these shores very soon so for heaven's sake get down to Barnes and see them on Monday 5th!!!!
30 Nov 2011 22:46 Post #1179
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Stone Electric/Dave Jackson

Hello Pete,
Really enjoyed both the Dave Jackson band and Stone Electric at the Beaverwood club very much! Thank you! I am currently listening to the Stone Electric CD. They are an awesome band! Reminds me of Black Crowes with Janis Joplin singing.

All The Best

Mak Sainsbury
29 Nov 2011 8:59 Post #1178
Venue : Boom Boom & Beaverwood Club

One more mention for Mr Pete Feenstra! What a great guy and want to say thanks for the hospitality over the weekend. You never fail to amaze us how you find all the great music, musicians and artists like you do and continue to widen our musical experiences. Thanks again and see you around one of the venues soon ;-
Chris Lee
26 Nov 2011 17:33 Post #1176
Venue : Beaverwood club/Buddy Whitington band


You've done it again, last Tuesdays' show at the Beaverwood was of the 5 star humdinger variety. I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it, I mean attracting the likes of Walter Trout last June and his Bluesbreakers pal Buddy Whittington last Tuesday.
Chris from Kent.
Martin Wright
23 Nov 2011 19:03 Post #1175
Venue : Beaverwood club/Buddy Whittington Band

Just to let you know. A big thanks.
I asked for for four tickects at the front, and to be fair, and understandably so, you were doubtful.
But, it all happened. We had the best seats in the place.
And topped off with a couple of the best acts around. (well, for me anyway)
Aaron Keylock, is pretty phenonemal, and Buddy Whittington - and his band - are so 'tight' and acomplished and skillfull.
Ten times better than I hoped for. Blew us away. Great stuff.
So you might know. Took a friend who'd never been to the Beaverwood before. In fact, I don't think they'd actually been to a 'gig' before.
Maybe seen a West End show (perhaps?) And there they were, at the front, seeing it real.
They (our friend) didn't stop talking about it all the way home.
In short - thanks. Well appreciated.
Good luck, and thanks again.
Denise Chaplin
19 Nov 2011 11:31 Post #1174
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Aynsley Lister Band

Hi Pete,
Had a fantastic night last night in Sutton and Aynslsey Lister is brilliant. Hope to see them again soon.
Many Thanks,
Nigel Foster
19 Nov 2011 11:28 Post #1173
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Aynsley Lister

Hi Pete
Terrific gig last night at the Boom Boom Club. Aynsley Lister is a huge talent and as for young Aaron Keylock, he is very impressive.
Thank you
Regards Nigel
Karen Tweed
16 Nov 2011 22:51 Post #1172
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Hi Pete

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed coming to see Focus last week. They were my hero band from years back. Never thought I would ever see them live!

They were Awesome!

Thank you
Mal Philips
14 Nov 2011 13:10 Post #1171
Venue : Beaverwood/Blackfoot & Danny Bryant

Hey Pete,
Cheers for 2 great gigs this week at the Beaverwood. Blackfoot nailed it on Tues & Danny Bryant also played a blinder on Thurs. Looking forward to Buddy Whittington & Aynsler Lister later this month. Stay safe!
Andy Burrell
14 Nov 2011 13:06 Post #1169
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Me and my son saw Focus at the Boom Boom Club on Nov 11, the day before his 11th birthday. It was excellent, topped by the fact that my son had a photo taken of him and Thys.
Phil Davies
14 Nov 2011 12:13 Post #1168
Venue : Boom Boom/Focus + Stone Electric

Focus were brilliant as usual but with added zest this time with the addition of the excellent new guitarist.
The Stone Electric were a revelation from Memphis. It\'s not the kind of music I listen to but I had to buy the cd after this live performance. Noni really belt out the vocals and Austyn\'s guitar reminded me of Man in their heyday. Perfect bass and drums backing as well. I would now go and see this band if they were the only act playing. Again - brilliant.
13 Nov 2011 15:14 Post #1167
Venue : Joe's Garage

Billy Walton was awesome last nite.
Ritchie Taz on Sax added that extra something to an already top notch band.
Set was 2 hours + of sheer magic.
The best gig I've seen in years.
See you next year Billy boy
Well done Pete
Mike Locke
13 Nov 2011 12:18 Post #1166
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Hallo Pete,

The Focus show was our first visit to the Boom Boom Club. What a great gig, thanks. Reminded me a little of the Marquee when it was in Wardour St (OK that was bigger and had a higher ceiling!)

Busy but not overly crammed, real beer and clean toilets – what more could you ask for other than a great band and we had that too.

Brilliant. Great way to celebrate our anniversary. It was only on the way home that my other half gave me the perfect line I should have said to Thijs when shaking his hand at the end. “My wife says you were better tonight than when she saw you in Cardiff in 1975”.

First time we’ve been but not the last, I’m sure.

Mark Thompson
12 Nov 2011 15:10 Post #1165
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Hi Pete
Thanks very much for the show with Focus last night Pete
And thank you for bringing good music to Sutton yet again!
I thought Stone Electric not too shabby either!
Thanks again
Mark T
Ian Wolstencroft
12 Nov 2011 15:07 Post #1164
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Dear Pete
Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic "Focus" gig last night, and support band "Stone Electric" were excellent. Unfortunately the mate who was coming did'nt, so I only needed the one ticket, but many thanks for getting me on the advance list.
It certainly was very warm there last night!!!
Renzo Cavedaschi
12 Nov 2011 12:31 Post #1163
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Dear Pete,

We met briefly last night at the Focus concert.I would just like to say THANK YOU for a really, really memorable evening. I was the first person there, got my place at the front of the stage,and more importantly got two photos with the group at the end.
Fantastic concert, great MC work , an occasion I will remember for a very long time!
Thank you again.


Renzo Cavedaschi.
Graeme Roy
12 Nov 2011 11:37 Post #1162
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Hi Pete,

Just to say what a great gig the Focus concert was last night. Really excellent musicians. Well done in bringing such bands to the Boom Boom.


Pete Feenstra
12 Nov 2011 11:24 Post #1161
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Focus

Hi Pete,
Not one but two great gigs this week (blackfoot. And focus) and both well attended too really enjoyed the stone electric too..Austyn has a great sound. I will get over to see them at chislehurst with dave jackson in a couple of weeks time....and how many great bands can mike estes be in at once!! Thanks for keeping us supplied with live music in south london...its great to see how both the boom boom and beaverwood have built up now...I never expected it after worcester park but they're both great venues with no neighbours,low ceilings and consequently brilliant sound. I really appreciate your efforts! Best rockin regards. Pete Skinner
Phil Honley
12 Nov 2011 9:41 Post #1160
Venue : Boom Boom Club

What a fantastic way to kick start the weekend with Focus at the Boom Boom Club. Stone Electric impressed the first time I saw them and were awesome last night. Focus are just Focus and never fail to impress. First time I've seen new guitarist and is excellent.
10 Nov 2011 23:35 Post #1159
Venue : Beaverwood

An awesome set by Danny Bryant tonight. But absolutely stunned by the relatively poor turnout
Phil Mazur
10 Nov 2011 19:12 Post #1158
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Blackfoot

Hi Pete,
Excellent gig last - both bands - Blackfoot/Stone Electric were brilliant and rocked the Beaverwood. Isn't Chislehurst posh
Steve Way
10 Nov 2011 19:06 Post #1157
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Blackfoot

southern rock....on a tuesday evening at the Beaverwood....and only £12 !!!! and in a quiet backwater- cant complain about that, especially when Blackfoot utter two immortal lines- C'MON GUYS...THIS IS CHISLEHURST!!!! and CHISLEHURST-YOUVE BEEN AWESOME TONIGHT!!!!! new york/london/los angeles..beware....the rock capital of the world power shift..
10 Nov 2011 16:30 Post #1156
Venue : Beaverwood

Thanks for a great night on Tuesday with Blackfoot & The Stone Electric. Lookin' forward to Danny Bryant tonight. C ya! Very Happy
Aiden McCloat
10 Nov 2011 15:19 Post #1155
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Blackfoot

Hi Pete
YBlackfoot and Stone Electric was good night at the Beaverwood and what agood crowd eh? Great atmosphere. Looking forward to the next one.
Dave Matthews
10 Nov 2011 15:11 Post #1154
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Blackfoot

Thanks Pete

Loved Blackfoot and hope you can get them back again sometime and was impressed with the overall facilities. Will be coming again fav bands permitting.

Jonathan Burns
09 Nov 2011 23:47 Post #1153
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Blackfoot

Hello Pete,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for Blackfoot last night, was a great atmosphere and Highwaysong, what a brilliant number to finish the set. Was also really impressed with Stone Electric.
Best Wishes
Darren Weale
06 Nov 2011 19:43 Post #1152
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Billy Walton

If I were reviewing the gig I saw and CD I bought I'd pretend to be Craig Reville-Horwood, the Strictly Come Dancing judge, and say "Mag.Nif.Icent.", but I can't do his voice.
Frank Cooper
06 Nov 2011 10:16 Post #1151
Venue : Boom Boom Club/BWB

Thanks for the Billy Walton gig Pete! it was a really great show!
Graham Nash
06 Nov 2011 9:51 Post #1150
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Billy Walton

I've been to stadiums, arenas, odeons and festivals over 25 years, but I can honestly say I've never seen such a great show as I did tonight. Hat's off to Pete Feenstra for bringing us Mayfair Hayes and Billy Walton on the same bill. Worth £10 of anyone's money....and it's there, on our doorstep, while the done thing is to stay in with X Factor and Strictly. Unbelievable!
Graham Nash/Epsom
Darren Wisdom
01 Nov 2011 13:02 Post #1147
Venue : Boom Boom Club, Sutton

Re. Willie Nile (USA)

On Sunday night at Sutton the songwriter and rocker, Willie Nile (Buffalo, NY) was even better than at any of the previous shows I'd seen from his band over the last year (yes, all four of them)! James Stevenson (The Alarm) is the guitarist on this tour - somewhat rockier in style than the guitarists on Willie's previous two UK jaunts. Peerless rhythm section remains unchanged (thankfully)! The audience was clearly won over from the first/second song and were to be seen with camera phones held aloft. I observed plenty of activity over at the merch stall at the evening's end. Workmanlike support was provided by The David Sinclair Band. Musician Micky Kemp looked after the PA and this time around the fuses in the main PA head proved man enough for the job in hand - the band were gratifyingly loud with good sound!! The gig was well also very attended for a Sunday. Whatever you were doing last Sunday, you'd have been better off at this gig!! Anyone havering over booking for tonight's Willie Nile and gig at The Beaverwood, Chislehurst - for heaven's sake just do yourself a favour and go and see him. One of the best original Rock/Americana shows you'll see this (or any other) year!!!! Willie Nile is a direct contemporary of Bruce Springsteen and is similar to both 'The Boss'/Tom Petty in musical style but dare I say better!! Willie Nile is the real deal!!!! See him for cheap money now or wait a year and pay more - it's your choice...

Best regards,
Pete Byrd
01 Nov 2011 11:38 Post #1146
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Willie Nile

Hi Pete,

Thanks again for putting Willie on at Sutton. A great show. That monumental rendition of "Love is a train" is now sparring with that stunning rendition of "Bombay Calling" by It's a Beautiful Day (also at Sutton !) as my champagne moment of the gig-going year.

And the 10.30pm finish meant I was able to catch my last train home with ease !

Alex Nairn
31 Oct 2011 16:25 Post #1145
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Willie Nile


Thanks for promoting Willie Nile. Last night he was absolutely amazing in Sutton. Rock & roll with pure integrity.

I can't get to any of his other gigs this time around but I have persuaded my cousin who lives in Vancouver to meet me in New York in the spring JUST to attend a Willie Nile show.

Please keep bringing him back

Roger Sowten
30 Oct 2011 10:59 Post #1144
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mods v Rockers

Fantastic show by the Mods v Rockers Pete - as per usual!! Had a chat with Johnny W after and Mickey - told them how much we all enjoyed it and can't wait til Dec 9th !!!!
Steve Hughes
27 Oct 2011 13:51 Post #1143
Venue : The Beaverwood

Another fantastic gig from Erja Lyytinen and the band on Tuesday night. And well done to Alan who did such a great job with the sound.

It was one of those nights where Erja got completely carried away in the second half, lost track of the time, and the lights came on before she could do the encore. She's back in the UK in March, another show at The Beaverwood would be perfect.
Jacqui Miles
17 Oct 2011 11:48 Post #1141
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dave Jackson Band

Hi Pete,
The Dave Jackson Band were wonderful and more than made up for Chicken Shack.
Take care of you, there's been quite a bit of stress in your life recently........
See ya
11 Oct 2011 2:44 Post #1140
Venue : United States

good site
Sandy Smale
04 Oct 2011 17:43 Post #1139
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Visited Boom Boom recently while on vacation to hear Henrik Frieschlander (?) who was awesome. Bought CD and have not stopped playing it. Your venue is just perfect and wish some of your great acts would come to Canada where they would be more than adored and welcomed.
Pete Bishenden
01 Oct 2011 8:39 Post #1138
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Virgil & The Accelerators

Hi Peter,
Virgil at the Boom Bom Club spot on.
That was probably the best Virgil has played so gig so far.
The new album’s good and I hear they already have enough material for the follow up.
Gabriel especially was bang on form last night.

Kelvin Nicholls
25 Sep 2011 14:40 Post #1135
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Nimmo Brothers/Aaron Keylock

Hi Pete,
what a great gig last night with the Nimmo's and young Aaron!
Bring them back as soon as you like!
Keith Allen
23 Sep 2011 8:42 Post #1133
Venue : Beaverwood/Nimmo Borthers & Adam Keylock

Hi Pete,

Firstly Aaron. What can I say. threre's this thirteen year old chap, not only playing some great Blues guitar, but also bossing his band around so they know when to finish. He communicates with the audience better than many Beaverwood regulars and has a hearty heandshake too. He might sing like an angel at the mo but I bet there's some down low dirty Blues to come once his voice breaks.

As for The Nimmo Brothers, they are one of my faves.

Considering the amount of times I'm up The Beaver, It's not often I e-mail you after a gig, and I've just realised when I do. It's not about being pissed, it's about being high. I reularly have 4, 5 or 6 pints (4 tonight) and have a great time, but that's not high. The high comes directly from the band and The Nimmo Brothers do it for me. If I tried to explain, I'd sound like a nerd and we don't want that do we?

See you next week for old man Virgil.


Allan Lochhead & Clare Cooper
22 Sep 2011 8:16 Post #1132

Dear Derek and George,
We thought you'd always be there,
But you're there in the music,
and here in our hearts.

Allan Lochhead & Clare Cooper
sunee srinan
22 Sep 2011 5:17 Post #1129
Venue : one

What a fantastic band Face Value are, certainly the best sound a like tribute band i have ever seen. Thanks. Smile
Adrian Gee
20 Sep 2011 17:52 Post #1126
Venue : Boom Boom/Big Derek

Hi, Pete

I was saddened to hear of Big Derek's passing. Though in truth I did not really know him at all, there was an incident on my third visit I think to the boom boom club. As I was leaving I said "good night" to him and got a "good night Adrian" in return, which surprised me so much I almost did a double take. That Derek had for whatever reason taken the time to remember my name and I had not a clue as to his, now I am probably one of the worst people at remembering names and no doubt use that as an excuse not to try too hard to do so. But after that incident I did feel ashamed that Derek had made the effort and I had not !. Since then I have been making a conscious attempt to remember the names of people I come into contact with and hopefully thanks to Derek and that incident I may be a slightly better person.
So for my part however brief my acquaintance with Derek was, it has left it's mark and every time I manage to remember someone's name I will thank him for that life lesson.

Greg Willis
20 Sep 2011 15:36 Post #1125
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete
Henrik Freischlader was superb, please get him back sooner rather than later.


Rob Riley
18 Sep 2011 17:43 Post #1123
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete
Just wanted to say Henrik Freishlader band were outstanding the other night at the Beaverwood club. Bring him back soon.

Wendy Johnson
18 Sep 2011 12:56 Post #1122
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Wendy,

Just to say how very much we enjoyed Henrik Freischlader and co - great musicianship. Do hope you can get them to come back soon.
best wishes

Wendy & Ian Johnson
Andy James
18 Sep 2011 8:26 Post #1121
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Herik Freischlader

Than Henrik Freislader sure can play man!
David Smith
18 Sep 2011 8:22 Post #1120
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete,

Really great show last night at the Boom Boom - thanks Pete - Henrik was excellent. Back next Sunday for Virgil & The Accelerators
Phil Honley
17 Sep 2011 10:48 Post #1119
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Absolutely fantastic gig last night. Well done in giving us the chance to experience such a great band. A fitting dedication to Deke.
I can trust you to ensure that they pay us a return visit in the not too distant future!
Fin Caroll
17 Sep 2011 10:12 Post #1118
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Henrik Freischlader

I think I just saw a legend in the making! If Henrik Freischlader isn't then there is something seriously wrong with the world. All credit to Pete Feenstra for recommeding Henrik! What a great guitarist!
Graham Vosper
16 Sep 2011 10:29 Post #1116
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete,
Henrik Freischlader at the Beaverwood. Well done Pete, a terrific band, reminded me of the time I first saw Joe Bonamassa over at the Boom Boom way back when he wasn\'t very well known over here. Henrick just as good IMHO. You\'ll get him back in the future I trust.
Del Fleming
16 Sep 2011 10:03 Post #1115
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete,

Came along to see Henrik Freischlader\'s band tonight. Was a bit undecided about it, and it was a last minute decision. But am I glad I did come along. Great sound and I will be looking out for Henrik\'s return to Chislehurst sometime in the future.
Keep up the great work Pete.

Lee Deal
16 Sep 2011 9:52 Post #1114
Venue : Beaverwood/Henrik Freischlader

Hi Pete.
I\'ve been to many great gigs at your clubs over the last 3 or 4 years, but that band tonight blew my socks off. Thanks for doing what you do: letting us get to see bands of the calibre of The Henrick Freischlader Band.
Best Wishes.
Doris and Richard
15 Sep 2011 19:25 Post #1113
Venue : Boom Boom

Sorry to hear about Derek, we enjoyed chatting to him on the way in to the club, condolences to his family and friends, sure you will miss him greatly.
clare cooper
15 Sep 2011 9:59 Post #1112

Very sad and sorry to hear about Derek. He was a good man, and always kind to us. We will miss him. Our only consolation is that he is up there with George now. It's hard on you, too, Pete, and our thoughts are with you, his friends and family. Clare and Allan.
15 Sep 2011 9:12 Post #1111
Venue : Boom Boom

So sorry to hear of the passing of Derek. I remember chatting to him a few times about Walter Trout usually.He always managed to find my name on his lists. He joins George now at that big blues club up above. Condolences to his family and friends....................Tony
14 Sep 2011 21:31 Post #1110
Venue : Boom Boom

So sad to hear the news about Derek. He was a nice man. RIP
Jacky Cross
14 Sep 2011 20:25 Post #1109
Venue : Boom Boom club


So sorry to hear the news. Will miss his cheeky smile and dedication to duty (finding names on lists!). Another one bites the dust.

Much love to his family and friends.

Jacky Cross
Clive Osgood
14 Sep 2011 18:45 Post #1108

So sorry to hear the sad news about Derek.

He always had a smill and a little chat with us on arrival and departure at the Boom Boom.

I'm sure you will miss him very much as indeed we all will.

Our condolances to his Family.

Clive & Sue Osgood
30 Aug 2011 8:00 Post #1107

good site
John Martin
06 Aug 2011 9:25 Post #1106
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mersey Makers

Fantastic debut in Sutton by the Mersey Makers last night. They gave the crowd one of the very best nights of the year. Can\'t wait to see them back at the Boom Boom, and pulling the big crowds that we see for Amen Corner and Absolute Bowie etc.
Thanks for all the great nights at the Boom Boom, Pete. I feel really lucky to live near such a perfect live music venue.
Ric King
01 Aug 2011 17:29 Post #1105
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Zombies

Hi Pete,
Thanks for a great night last night with Rod and Colin/The Zombies.

Now, here\'s to the days of CSN&Y! By the way, when is the Bloodwyn Pig night?
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