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John Carr
01 Aug 2011 17:27 Post #1104
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Zombies

fantastic Zombies gig last night and vip seats too! Tbanks very much. Look forward to next gig. Oh and blodwyn pig - mick abrahams ex jethro tull wasn't it?
John Carr
Phil Honley
30 Jul 2011 10:51 Post #1103
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Sherman Robertson

Hi Pete,
Fantastic night last night.....Sherman never disappoints but I think he was on his best form last night.
The band were really tight especially the bass player.
Owen Tuckett
30 Jul 2011 10:49 Post #1102
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Sherman robertson

Hi Pete,
I just wanted to say thanks for a great show last night at the Boom Boom.

I've seen some brilliant guitarists and some great blues down there but Sherman last night was simply The Real Deal. His band was really tight (he didn't have to introduce a song once; they just knew) and he just owned the stage (and the bar, and outside too!).

A fantastic night, thanks for putting it on.


Robin Evans
23 Jul 2011 9:19 Post #1101
Venue : Boom Boom Club/All Right Now


Really enjoyed last night with All Right Now. Great to see a tribute band that does not disappoint in terms of original quality. Great entertainment. Turn up the bass!

Thanks to all.
Robin and Denise
Johnny Warman
21 Jul 2011 15:28 Post #1098
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Please come out and see "All Right Now" this Friday 22nd at the Boom Boom Club and Saturday 23rd at Joes Garage Whetstone. Where ever you are based please come along as this is a brilliant Free / Bad Company Tribute featuring myself Johnny Warman from The Mods, Jeff Rich ex Status Quo Roy Smith on lead gtr and Ant Wellman on bass. Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest vocalists in the World and Free were such a huge influence on so many musicians as each department in the band was World Class and the songs were fantastic. Roy Smith on guitar is the closest you will ever hear to the true sound of Kossoff and the songs are so much fun to play and perform. My Brother Jake, Wishing Well, Trouble on Double Time, Ride on a Pony, Fire and water, Oh I wept and thats without the Bad Company Classics Cant get enough fo your love, Shooting Star, Feel Like making love and at least you will be in a dry warm venue !! and the band will be on fire and we are recording the Show so if you come your name will appear on our Live Cd. So please come and see this great band and sing and dance the night away.
Love Johnny x
Steve Hughes
13 Jul 2011 21:56 Post #1097
Venue : The Beaverwood - Stacie Collins Band

A really great gig last night by the Stacie Collins Band. Stacie herself put in an incredible performance with her energy, singing, and harmoica playing. What a frontlady she is. Loved the Exile On Main Street vibe of a lot of the music. A must-see band, and hope it will be possible to book them again.
John Mitchell
13 Jul 2011 18:03 Post #1096
Venue : Stacie Collins Band/Beaverwood club

HI Pete

Excellent gig last night with Stacie Collins - thanks for putting it on, well worth the 120 mile round trip!
Hope she comes back soon

Owen Tuckett
12 Jul 2011 8:28 Post #1095
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Stacie Collins

Hello Pete,

Just wanted to say what a great show Stacie Collins put on last night. Good to see some solo acoustic too. Looking forward to Sherman and Herr Schicklegruber later.



PS Loved your t-shirt too! Hope you can get Walter back sometime.
pc joysticks
11 Jul 2011 6:29 Post #1094

this is a good site and i like it very much
John Anderson
04 Jul 2011 12:14 Post #1093
Venue : All Saints N20/Ruthless/DJB

That was a good gig!!

Both bands superb, Dave Jackson wanted a bit more audience participation than he got but those three looked like they just love playing together!

Thanks again Pete, keep up your excellent work.
John Wilkinson
04 Jul 2011 9:19 Post #1092
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi all.

Just to let you know that Face Value the Genesis and Phil Collins tribute band will be returning to The Boom Boom club and have a date at The Beaverwood on
26th Nov: Boom Boom
27th Nov: Beaverwood

Had a great time last time so really looking forward to these gigs. Big thanks to Eric H and Pete for allowing us to bring the show back.

best wishes

Pete Skinner
02 Jul 2011 11:17 Post #1091
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Ruthless Blues

Hi Pete.

Just to say how much I enjoyed last night with ruthless Blues and Dave Jackson band Dave Jackson was great...I could have been standing in the marquee in the mid seventies!! Ruthless are always good but in truth I'm really looking forward to Septemberís gigs when Stevie teams up with Mick Clarke in SALT. They were sensational 30 years ago and it was lovely to see them back together last year, I caught the very first one at a sports ground at Bexley.

Thanks for everything you do to keep it live, I for one really appreciate your efforts! Speak soon.
Jacqui Miles
02 Jul 2011 11:11 Post #1090
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Ruthless Blues

Hi Pete
Wonderful gig last night with Ruthless/DJB, really uplifting as I'd had a gob-shite day!
Thank you so much for all your hard work in organising it.
See you soon
Jacqui x
Keith Dickinson
01 Jul 2011 13:16 Post #1089
Venue : Beaverwood club/Ruthless Blues

Hi Pete,

Great show by Ruthless/DJB at the Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst on Thursday, looking forward to Whetstone on Sunday

Keith Whitnell
01 Jul 2011 9:21 Post #1088
Venue : Ruthless Blues/Beaverwood Club

Hi pete
I thought Ruthless Blues at Beaverwood were great and so did my 17 year old son, which shows the broad spectrum these guys can reach, I thought Martynís Taylorís guitar playing and Tony Fernadez drumming was as good as anything I have seen or heard whilst my son thought Steve was brilliant, and we shouldnít forget the bassist, as my son goes to Sonisphere, Reading festivals etc I think he is a reasonable judge. The Dave Jackson band were also good, so all in all a good night.

See you soon (Iíve put posters up in the office)

Cliff Blanchette
21 Jun 2011 19:06 Post #1087
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter Trout

Wow,great gig from Walter and P-A-U-L I think that was the best yet at the Beaverwood.
Ron Stephens
21 Jun 2011 17:56 Post #1086
Venue : Beaverwood club/Walter Trout

Great evening with Walter Trout & P-A-U-L Pete. Bit of a coup getting Walter to play in deepest darkest Chislehurst!

Steve Toplek
21 Jun 2011 17:54 Post #1085
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter Trout

Hi Pete,

Absolutely awesome gig last night. Thanx to Walter & the boys for coming to play for us.
Cheers Steve
Ron Doel
21 Jun 2011 15:21 Post #1084
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter Trout


Thank You for a great night last night, you are to be congratulated for getting Walter Trout to play the Beaverwood, i am sure there will be many great artists to follow.

Colin Brazier
21 Jun 2011 15:05 Post #1083
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter Trout


Superb gig!

Walter was brilliant as expected...Paul too. You must be well chuffed.


Chris From Kent
21 Jun 2011 11:22 Post #1082
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Walter Trout


Don't know how you did it, but last nights' show was awesome, no other word for it. It was one of those 11 marks out of 10 type shows. I'm intrigued as to how you can get a 5 star performer like Walter to appear at the Beaverwood. Don't get me wrong, I love the Beaverwood, but I looked at all the venues on his current UK tour and they're all much bigger places. Never mind, full marks for yesterdays' show. Oh yes, I bought a couple of his CDs, (Unspoiled By Progress), which he signed, and you get a mention in the credits AND he changed into a Hamsters T-shirt, now how megga cool is that !!!!!!

Take care

Chris Borges
21 Jun 2011 11:09 Post #1081
Venue : Boom Boom Club/IABD

Many thanks for putting on ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Even without Linda (sadly ill) the band were great and I had a fantastic time. I never thought I would ever see them live.

Last I heard the Marshall Tucker Band were still gigging. If they ever come over, you've instantly sold two more tickets here.

Once again

Phil Davies
19 Jun 2011 13:54 Post #1080
Venue : Boom Boom Club/IABD

Hi Pete,

You were right, Itís A Beautiful day were wonderful and unfazed by their tour problems

Many thanks for promoting them.


PS See you at the Zombies gig
Henry Cocker
19 Jun 2011 13:49 Post #1079
Venue : Boom Boom Club/IABD

Hi Pete,

Its A Beautiful Day at the Boom Boom on Friday were truly excellent - I last saw them 40 years ago at the Bath Festival!

14 Jun 2011 21:54 Post #1078

Excellent web site thanks...
Steve Johnson
14 Jun 2011 19:01 Post #1077
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Face Value

Hi Pete
Face Value the Genesis show was probably the best gig ive been too at the Boom Boom Club!! The band were so friendly and professional !! one to watch out for !!
All the best Pete,
Steve Johnston
Andy Neil
14 Jun 2011 18:56 Post #1076
Venue : Zoom @ The Moon Juicy Lucy

Hi Pete,
went to see Juicy Lucy last week, and all I can say was they were brilliant.
It was a great shame that hardly anyone else was there to appreciate them I can\'t understand why.They were one of the best bands I\'ve seen for a while and I do see a lot.

Tim Ewer
14 Jun 2011 18:45 Post #1075
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Heatseeker

Hi Pete,

thanks for sorting out the 1 1/2 tickets for me and my son Cameron last Friday

thought the band were very good, the singer's spot-on I thought

they had a dep drummer in who was OK

and the best bit was they gave out inflatable guitars to the kids and my son got on stage, he loved it !!

hasn't stopped talking about it since

prob bring him to another one soon

cheers again
Del Mansfield
14 Jun 2011 9:06 Post #1074
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Face Value

Face Value were excellent one of the best shows I have seen down the boom. Please try and get them again
13 Jun 2011 11:10 Post #1073
Venue : Boom Boom Club

What a fantastic band Face Value are, certainly the best sound a like tribute band i have ever seen
John Wilkinson
12 Jun 2011 21:21 Post #1072
Venue : Boom Boom club

Just wanted to thank everyone for a superb night at The Boom Boom club on 11th June
Our first visit there and everyone made us feel so welcome. Eric is a star and hope the T-Shirt fits matey Wink

One of the best crowds we have ever played to. Thank you all for coming

Best wishes

Face Value

Face Value
12 Jun 2011 8:47 Post #1071
Venue : Boom Boom Club - Sutton

Hi Pete.........'Face Value'........blindin'! Loved 'em!! Very Happy
Richard Thompson
11 Jun 2011 9:26 Post #1070
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Heatseeker

Hi Pete,

Just wanted to say "WHAT A NIGHT"
That has to be one of the best bands I've seen in years, well done.

Best Wishes

Richard Thompson
Heather Hitchcock
20 May 2011 9:04 Post #1068
Venue : Boom Boom Club/JJ Grey

Hi Pete

Thanks for the JJ gig It was ery good. Actually saw a review on his Facebook site (I think) yesterday. Haven't stopped playing Georgia Warhorse since Saturday! I have a birthday coming up and the other 4 albums are top of my wish list. Hope you get JJ & Mofro back again on their next visit to UK in the autumn.


Jez Lowe
20 May 2011 8:43 Post #1067
Venue : Boom Boom/JJ Grey & Mofro

Congratulations on getting JJ Grey and the full band to play at the Boom Boom Club Ė what a coup!!!

It was without doubt one of (if not the) best gigs Iíve ever seen! What a band. Iíve been a fan for a few years now, and still canít quite believe just how good they are live. The intimate atmosphere of the venue and the obvious excitement and enjoyment of both the band and the crowd made it a really special evening.

I hung around and chatted with JJ and the band afterwards and JJ mentioned they are planning to come back to the UK later in the year (Oct / Nov time). What are the chances of getting them booked into the Boom Boom club again? I reckon we could get if full to the rafters!

Thanks again and all the best!

Jez Downs
Phil Honley
16 May 2011 12:14 Post #1066
Venue : Boom Boom Club

JJ Grey & Mofro and the very impressive Marcus Bonfanti went down a storm on Saturday night. It has to go down as one of the very best nights at the Boom Boom and as you know we have been to a few. Speaking to Marcus Bonfanti he seemed very keen to return to the Boom Boom with his band in tow next time. Having seen him with the band on Thursday night he would justify a headline spot in the very near future.

Keep up the excellent work please and you certainly set the bar high when it comes to the calibre of band that you can attract to the Boom Boom!
Stephen Knight
15 May 2011 19:33 Post #1065
Venue : Boom Boom Club/ JJ Grey & Mofro

Hi Pete

Thanks for putting on J J Grey at the Boom Boom - very enjoyable and excellent support from Marcus Bonfanti
Geoff Pharoah
15 May 2011 19:24 Post #1064
Venue : Boom Boom Club/JJ Grey

Hi Pete,

JJ Grey & Mofro whipped up a stonking night at the Boom Boom.

Thank you so much for making it possible.

Peter Jenkins
15 May 2011 19:12 Post #1063
Venue : Boom Boom Club/JJ Grey

Hi Pete,

Just had to say \"Thank you\" for putting on the wonderful J J Grey and Mofro last night at Sutton. Possibly the best gig I have ever seen there
Hope they can make it back some time

Trevor Jones
11 May 2011 19:44 Post #1062
Venue : Zoom @ The Moon SE24/Muddy waters Tribute Night

Many thanks for an amazing night.
We normally like to visit London a couple of times a year and we were booked for 2 weeks time but changed when we saw what was on at Herne Hill (we live in Stockton on Tees) and we are really glad we did.
All the musicians were brilliant and we were pleased to meet and talk with John Oleary before the show (he introduced us to Larry from the Yardbirds and were a bit shy being with rock and blues royalty)
Once again thanks to all and we hope to get to more events (although you may appreciate it if we cant get down too often)
Trev & Kath Jones
Maggie Moody
10 May 2011 15:01 Post #1061
Venue : Zoom @ The Moon SE24/Muddy Waters Tribute

Hi Pete

My friends and I had a rockiní good time at The Muddy Waters Tribute at Zoom @ The Moon - they were brill.

Julie Whistehead
09 May 2011 16:09 Post #1060
Venue : Zoom @ The Moon SE24/Muddy Waters Tribute

Hi Pete
The Muddy Waters Tribute was a brilliant gig on Saturday Night at Zoom @ The Moon. All the guests made it really interesting and varied and Papa George was amazing.
A fitting tribute to Muddy Waters
Owen Tuckett
07 May 2011 10:28 Post #1059
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Blues Caravan

Another great evening\'s entertainment down at the Boom Boom last night with The Blues Caravan. Chantel McGregor set the bar really high a couple of weeks ago and I\'d have to say that she\'s still the best female guitar player I\'ve ever seen. Dani Wild and Samantha Fish have got some chops though, and Cassie Taylor showed that it doesn\'t hurt to have the blues in your genes. Not only is it great to see the blues torch being carried by the younger generation but so refreshing to see the girls doing their bit so well! The blues has always had great female singers from Bessie Smith onwards but relatively few guitar players. The child Dani introduced to us was amazing! What a future she could have. I hope she straps on a guitar...

Thanks Pete for another great gig.
Norman Summerfield
03 May 2011 7:15 Post #1058
Venue : Boom Boom/Bowie

Hi Pete

Just an update, we had a great night with Absolute Bowie last night. This was my 3rd time seeing the band and they just get better. He made three dress changes and the music with dramatic delivery was perfect! Good crowd as well!


Iain Taylor
24 Apr 2011 7:34 Post #1057
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Rollin Stoned

Hi Pete,
The Rollin Stoned at the Beaverwood -excellent, that was a good night, my 70 year old father- in- law enjoyed it, the last concert he had gone to was Lonnie Donniegan in 1964 !!!

Guy Wood
20 Apr 2011 16:21 Post #1056
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel McGregor

Hi Pete.
Thanks for a top night at the boom Boom, everyone loved it and Chantel was superb.
Cheers mate.
20 Apr 2011 8:35 Post #1055
Venue : Beaverwood

Rob Tognoni - what more can I say? An exceptional performance last night - brilliant!
Kevin Sutton
19 Apr 2011 9:19 Post #1054
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Chantel McGregor

Just got home from the Chantel show at the Boom Boom....... Nothing more needs to be said.
Dave West
11 Apr 2011 18:41 Post #1053
Venue : All Saints/Willie Nile

Hi Pete
Just a quick word about Willy Nile last night at Whetstone, a brilliant show and what a nice guy, he came straight off stage to sign Cds for all who bought any and personally thanked everyone for coming individually as they left Ėbrilliant!!



Darren Wisdom
11 Apr 2011 13:28 Post #1052
Venue : Joe's Garage, All Saint's Arts Centre, Whetstone, N20

Hi Pete,
Willie Nile Band at Whetstone last night was just off-the-scale superb!!!!
My nomination for the "Best Gig of 2011", (and it's still only April)!!!!!
Superb big theatre stage set up, wonderful near Hi-Fi separated out sound, great light show and totally professional performance and presentation all round. Big kudos to Vince and Mark - whatever you're paying these guys on the PA and Lights, they surely earned it that night!!!! Willie himself called for a round of applause for them (not once but twice) from the stage. I'm booked to see this show at four different club venues this week, and I would be extremely surprised if any one of them even begin to approach the overall high quality of this show at Joe's Garage, All Saint's Arts Centre, Whetstone, N20.
Best regards,
Darren Wisdom
David Thorpe
10 Apr 2011 10:21 Post #1051
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Oli Brown

A great gig as ever from Oli Brown on Thursday. He has so much energy and then he seems to feed off the audience reaction and fire up even more.

I like the way he\'ll add a hip hop song and a little bit of a jazzy feel to some of his songs too. And that song of his, Speechless, as good a tune as I\'ve ever heard from any major band anywhere. Bob Dylan would be pleased to have written that one. In a fairer musical world it would be a major hit.

Only one thing wrong, I missed your introductions to the acts. It was quite strange to have them come on unannounced.
Maybe you should appoint a deputy MC :-)

Anyhow, a superb night as ever and thanks
Andrew James
09 Apr 2011 8:57 Post #1050
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Oli Brown

Fantastic show with Oli Brown at the Boom Boom Club. He is a real talent!
Will defo come again
Keep up the good work!
08 Apr 2011 0:21 Post #1049

awesome site Smile
Johnny Warman
05 Apr 2011 23:41 Post #1048
Venue : Joes Garage

Just wanted to thank all the wonderful crowd that made it to Joes Garage on Saturday 2nd to watch "The Mods" play their "Total Who Show" and what a Show it was. Fantastic performance by the band with great sound and lights and a crowd that were totally mesmerised and spellbound by a band that is at the top of its game playing music by one of the best bands the World has ever seen and doing it total justice. Well if you missed this gig then check out Pete Feenstra' other venue the Cherry Lounge at Farnborough FC cos that is where we will do it all again this coming Saturday 9th and tear it up we will. If you love The Who then do not miss this gig as it will set you up until The Who come out to play again. WE really hope to see your face in our crowd and The Weekend definitely starts at the Cherry Lounge this coming Saturday 9th at Farnborough Football Club.
Kindest Regards
Johnny Warman
Darren Wisdom
04 Apr 2011 20:17 Post #1047
Venue : Joe's Garage, Whestone


To anyone that's havering about coming down at seeing this gig, don't!! Just prebook and come down to see the best New Wave Rock gig of 2011 bar none!! Saw his band at a gig in Ruislip, NW London in Nov. last year and the overall sheer energy of the performance just floored both my friends and I (and I see 2/3 Rock & Blues gigs a week in London and know what I'm talking about). This guy is a contemporary of Springsteen and every bit as good. Expect nothing less than a stadium Rock show at this friendly small theatre venue. Wait a couple of years and you'll be paying a LOT more ££ to seee him, I promise!!

Hope to see you there!!

Best regards,
Dejan Djordjevic
27 Mar 2011 15:19 Post #1045
Venue : Shepherd's Bush Empire

Hi Pete,

All the very best wishes from the man behind TRON, Dejan Djordjevic, the man who hates tribute bands.
Shame you don't manage the Shepherd's Bush Empire theatre in London anymore, I'd like to play another concert there again.
John Wilkinson
22 Mar 2011 12:26 Post #1044
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hi all.

Just wanted to say how much Face Value the Genesis and Phil Collins tribute band are loking forward to bringing our show to the Boom Boom club on 11th June.

Best wishes

Clive McCabe
15 Mar 2011 15:27 Post #1042
Venue : Joe's Garage/All Saints N20 Erja Lyytinen

Really enjoyed Erja Lyytinenís show at Joeís Garage/All Saints Arts Centre -so much so we bought her latest album - which has a surprising amount of different styles. That said, I think her live versions of the those songs are stellar, so if you can give her some feedback, lets have a live album or dvd from this tour the band are super hot, Soul of a man is a different gear live!).
Its great to meet her briefly after the show as well, its bit different going up to a charming young lady rather than a crusty old geezer or in Virgil and Accelerators case a scary super talented young teenager! That said it great to say hi!

Speaking of Virgil, I see he's playing with Mr Feaster down in your Sutton venue, I live in Finchley apart from M25 whatís the easiest (if there is one) to get down their via car? If you have any clues let me know! Cheers!
All the best!
Mr Gig
14 Mar 2011 19:40 Post #1041
Venue : All Saints, Whetstone

Very Happy Very Happy
What a great performance by Erja on Saturday night. She really is a slide goddess.

A great backing band including guest bass-man Roger Innes on 6 string plank.

Starting with 'Voracious Love' with an intro by the "Wolf", followed by the haunting 'Crows at my door'.

A great variety of tracks played including yet another tweak to 'Steamy Windows' so the time flew by. We dragged her back for a encore (10 minutes of Soul of a man) of course.

See Youtube videos of this another All Saints Arts Centre gigs - search for videos by MrGig2010
Peter Hopgood
14 Mar 2011 14:44 Post #1040
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Erja Lyytinen band

Hi Pete,
just a quick note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed last Thursday. Great venue, friendly bar staff and Erja and her band were even better than i thought they would be.
Looking forward to the next gigs we have booked. Keep up the good work!!

Clare Cooper
08 Mar 2011 19:46 Post #1037
Venue : Boom Boom/Fleetwood Bac

Hello, Pete. Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed Fleetwood Bac at
Sutton on Saturday. They were on terrific form, and we were particularly
impressed with the new keyboard player and the lead guitarist. A really
great, uplifting evening, with the energy levels kept high to the very last
note. All this - and without a break, too! Great stuff, and hopefully it
won't be another two years before they're bac(k)! Clare X
Dave Johns
07 Mar 2011 11:03 Post #1036
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Bad influence

Hi Pete

Just to say what a great line-up of acts you have organised

Bad Influence on Friday were brilliant

Well done and keep it up

Ralph Thompson
26 Feb 2011 10:36 Post #1035
Venue : Beaverwood Club/AFR

Hi Pete,

Just to say what a brilliant band Apart from Rod were last night, as you know as a devoted 4 Bills fan these guys were certainly as good. Sam Tanner the keyboard player last night, was superb as were all the band but to me he was the star. Good singer as well.,

I assune you will be getting them back again SOON, either here or at Sutton.

Keep up the great work.

Jeannette Mahoney
18 Feb 2011 13:20 Post #1033
Venue : Beaverwood Club/Colin Blusnstone

Great night last night at the Beaverwood Club with an excellent band, Blunstone's a lovely, very eloquent man.
First time at Beaverwood for more than 2 yrs.
Got flyers for future events, look forward to returning.
Thanks for saving ticket
David Thorpe
14 Feb 2011 12:10 Post #1030
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Larry Miller

Hi Pete
That Larry Miller, bloody brilliant! He\'s like a big puppy on the stage, leaping about and playing up to the audience. I bet if the venue suited it he'd have stage dived into the audience.

He got as good a reception as anyone I\'ve ever seen at the Boom Boom Club, a great night thanks.
Julie ad Di
13 Feb 2011 18:03 Post #1029
Venue : Boom Boom

Apart from Rod could not have been better if he had been there ! lead singer was bloody great especially at the short notice he had cant wait til the next one shame it was so short tho
Brian McEntire
13 Feb 2011 16:54 Post #1028
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Apart From Rod

Hi Pete
just a thanks you for the seats and a really great show last night with Apart from rod playing Rod Stewart. They were excellent, shame the set was a bit short, but will be back for more
Sally Toohig
13 Feb 2011 16:47 Post #1027
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Apart From Rod

Hi Pete
Loved the Apart from Rod (Absolute Rod)gig last night,was\'nt the singer we were expecting,but he was amazing! in fact the whole bad were,gotta say the best live band I\'ve seen in ages (well they have the class there)what was the singer\'s name and background,missed it.Great atmosphere,heaving sweaty night. Thanks.
Sal & Rod

answer to question: Jim Stapley
Phil Honley
09 Feb 2011 19:46 Post #1026
Venue : Boom Boom Club/9 Below 0

Nine Below Zero were brilliant last night and the Sharpees just warmed up the great audience superbly. We really appreciated the best seats in the house. See you on Friday

Phil & Glo
Clare Cooper
07 Feb 2011 13:32 Post #1025
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Sutton utd FC

Hello, Pete. Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed Nine Below Zero on
Friday. Brilliant musicians, fabulous songs and a great atmosphere too.
Every time I see them reminds me of just how fantastic they are - we need
them back more than just once a year, please!
Huge thanks to the band, of course, and grateful thanks to you, too, for all
your hard work, as always.
Clare X
07 Feb 2011 9:32 Post #1024
Venue : Cambodia

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Dave Stevenson
04 Feb 2011 12:46 Post #1023
Venue : The Beaverwood Club

R&B at its best last night. A terrific set by Nine Below Zero with sterling support from the Geoff Everett Band. The last time I saw NBZ was when they supported Clapton at the Albert Hall. What a pleasure to see them close-up and still as energetic as ever.
Brian Collis
29 Jan 2011 9:47 Post #1022
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Mods

Hi Pete,

Just got home from the Boom Boom Club and Mods playing the Who show.

We had a fantastic evening the band were great, please pass on our thanks for a really good evening.

By the way, the music before and after was also spot on.
Frank Cooper
23 Jan 2011 20:35 Post #1021
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Another excellent gig from Marrakesh Express last night. Any chance of booking them in their Diesel Park West guise Pete Confused:
Lee Cousins
21 Jan 2011 19:55 Post #1020
Venue : Boom Boom Club/SALT

Hi Pete - saw the fabulous SALT show on Friday at Boom Boom Club - who were the support band - they were great?

Lee Cousins

Support band was Dave Jackson band - Pete
Alan & Sheila Taylor
21 Jan 2011 19:52 Post #1019
Venue : Bulls Head/SALT

Hi Pete

Thanks for all the info Ė it was a great evening with SALT at The Stormy Monday Club and we really appreciate what youíre doing in keeping this music alive in the area.


Alan & Sheila
John Anderson
17 Jan 2011 18:42 Post #1018
Venue : All saints Arts Centre N20/SALT

Pete - Dave Jackson band and Salt.
Thank you.
Get \'em back again if you can...
See you soon and thanks again.
Mike Lambourne
17 Jan 2011 8:51 Post #1017
Venue : Joe's Garage/All Saints/SALT Arts N20/Chantel McGregor

went to see the excellent Salt last night where flyers were being given out for Erja Lyytinen on the 12th of March but her website says she is playing somehwere else on that night (although the venue itself isnt sure), can you confirm one way or another please

By way the gig was really good and I loved the Dave Jackson Band

Jackie Davies
15 Jan 2011 17:11 Post #1016
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Salt

Hi Pete
Just to let you know about our visit to the Boom.Boom Club last night. We had a great night the bands were brilliant! The atmosphere was electric. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Thanks again for a amazing night
Johnny Steinmetz
15 Jan 2011 8:54 Post #1015
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Dave Jackson with Salt

Hi Pete
Great night with Salt reunion at the Boom Boom and really really was impressed with Dave Jackson - get him down on a quiet night as head liner - thee hypnotics meets stray meets outskirts of infinity. great stuff.
Fin Carrroll
09 Jan 2011 16:46 Post #1013
Venue : Jnr Wells Memorial Show

Thanks for a great night last night at The Zoom Club, it was the best Junior Wells Memorial Show yet!"
Geoff Stacey
09 Jan 2011 12:05 Post #1012

The Roadhouse gig at the Beaverwood was a cracker Pete, thank you. We so love Roadhouse and enjoyed a big fun factor alongside the grooves! Adore the new Dark Angel album - 5 star playing & vocals. The girls have certainly added to the band's effervescent vibe. Somebody please make these guys famous!!!
Johnny Warman
07 Jan 2011 15:33 Post #1011
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you all a very Happy New Year from The Mods. Thanks for your kind words about our performance at The Beaverwood which was a complete sell out and it was indeed a great crowd and yes we were on fire cos thats all we know !!!
On Friday 28th January at the Boom Boom Club we are performing our Who Show and we will be playing all their best tunes as well as stuff from Quadrophenia and Live at Leeds. They are the best rock band in the World and we intend to live up to that reputation. It will be full on, in your face, and we are taking no prisoners. Lets go back
and relive our youth !!! Hope to see your smiling faces in our crowd.
Kindest Regards Johnny Warman
John Wiggins
31 Dec 2010 23:25 Post #1010
Venue : Boom Boom

Thanks for all the great music we have seen this year. Looking forward to the new year when we can listen to more of the same.
Cheers and Happy New Year .
Brucie Boy
31 Dec 2010 12:37 Post #1009
Venue : Joe's Garage

Top show by Rollin Stoned in front of very good crowd on Tuesday.
Lets hope for big turnouts for Salt and the amazing Billy Walton.
We've got to keep music alive in Norf Lunnon.
Ray Cooke
29 Dec 2010 10:44 Post #1008
Venue : Beaverwood Club/The Mods

Hi Pete,
We really enjoyed the Mods last Thursday at the Beaverwood, especially as we now live permanently in Spain and only get the chance to go to The Beaverwood or The Boom Boom when we come back to the UK to see the family. Wish they were over here sometime!
Ray and Barbara
A Cowdrey
26 Dec 2010 14:39 Post #1007
Venue : Beaverwood/Mods Xmas show

Hi Pete,
Really terrific show from the mods a the Beaverwod the other night. Can you please book me 2 tickets for small fakers and 2 tickets for who's who.
Many thanks.
Dave Stevenson
25 Dec 2010 11:33 Post #1006
Venue : Beaverwood/Mods

Many thanks for the great shows The Mods were brilliant at the Beaverwood and were firing on all cylinders. Great crowd as well. Looking forward to this weeks shows.

Hope you have a great Christmas.

Denise Chaplin
18 Dec 2010 13:24 Post #1004
Venue : Boom Boom/New Amen Corner

We had another great night with the wonderful New Amen Corner Xmas show at the Boom Boom

Gudrun Schwartz, Berlin/Germany
13 Dec 2010 22:34 Post #1003
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes on 10 Dec.

Thanks Pete for having this fantastic band again. I enjoyed the gig & the great atmosphere as always, worth the long journey.
Happy Christmas, and here's to the next time! Gudrun Mr. Green
Clive & Sue Osgood
11 Dec 2010 11:18 Post #1002
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Albert Lee

Just to say Albert Lee and Hogan\'s Heroes superb once again last night.
Thanks for this.
Wish we could get to the club more often.
Early Seasons Greetings to Everyone.
Clive & Sue

Johnny Warman
10 Dec 2010 12:04 Post #1001
Venue : Boom Boom Club

Really looking forward to our early 4Bill$ / Mods Christmas Party with Wiggins Corner, soon to be Wiggins Hill, and to see all your happy smiling faces, and listen to you all in fine voice, with your dancing shoes on ready for action !!! I really hope that you can all make it as I am sure that it will be a Riot !!! and one thing is for certain...we are gonna Tear the place apart !!!
Love Johnny Warman Cool
28 Nov 2010 11:50 Post #1000
Venue : Westcoast Bar

Nik Turner's Space Ritual were fantastic last night. Well worth the ticket price!!! We didn't think that they were going to stop playing ;-)
We do hope that they are booked for here again!!!
Christine Kyle
26 Nov 2010 11:18 Post #999
Venue : Boom Boom Club/The Strawbs

Brilliant gig last night, The Strawbs were sensational as always.

Thanks Pete

Jacqui Miles
22 Nov 2010 12:16 Post #998
Venue : Boom Boom/JST

Hi pete,
Thanks for organising the Joanne Shaw Taylor gig last night.
She's incredibly talented and I think she came out of the womb with a guitar strapped around her.

John Field
21 Nov 2010 11:00 Post #997
Venue : Boom Boom Club/Time To Breathe

Hi Pete,
What a brilliant night at the Boom Boom last night. Time To Breathe playing Pink Floyd were excellent. Let\'s have them back soon,
John W
20 Nov 2010 11:34 Post #996
Venue : BoomBoom

A word of praise for a fantastic gig last night by Aynsley Lister and Band, as usual a brilliantly entertaining (and amusing) evening. They never fail to deliver.

A mention also for The Stone Electric, a great 3 piece, excellent guitar and drums and the singer Noni has an amazing voice that works so well in a live situation, jesus it was like Maggie Bell had joined forces with Robert Plant and they had resurrected Janis Joplin!
Go see 'em
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Derek Middlemass
19 Nov 2010 15:02 Post #995
Venue : Strawbs at Beaverwood Club

Thank you for allowing me to relive my not so misspent youth last night. with the Stawbs at The Beaverwod Club.
Dave Cousins still has the voice and Dave Lambert can certainly make that Les Paul (and Telecaster) work."
Phil Rees
12 Nov 2010 17:54 Post #994
Venue : Beaverwood/Buddy Whittington

Hi Pete,

Really enjoyed last night's gig - Buddy Whittington is always good
value (saw him at The Mick Jagger Centre earlier this year), and I
thought the support band were excellent too.

My first visit to The Beaverwood but it certainly won't be my last!

Derek Rushforth
09 Nov 2010 14:59 Post #993
Venue : George McFall Gig

just coming down from the high of the George gig the other Sunday. A magic evening. You seemed to be enjoying yourself big time!!!
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