recorded by Prakash Acharya at Midweek Music Club/Jolly Farmers, Purley on 6th June 2007

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Sugarkane at the Midweek Music Club/Jolly Farmers, Purley 6/6/07

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John O'Leary put together a special band for the opening night of the Midweek Music Club in Purley. No one really knew what to expect, but there was a mix of professional pride at stake and a great sense of fun.
And in the end that's what everyone did, had a lot of fun, played some great music, and earned a rousing reception from a good house.

While the harp playing O'Leary brought a handful of songs to the set from his current "Sins" album, including the harp led "Snatch It Back"; there was enough talent in the band for everyone to contribute fully.

Thus the classy bass playing vocalist Ian Ellis took to the mic and slipped into a handful of bluesy, R&B favourites, including '"I Can Tell” and 'Bobby Parker's "Barefoootin", while young guitarist Lawrence Penfold impressed with his armoury of licks, best showcased - almost inevitably - in a Steve Ray Vaughan number. Almost not to be outdone his classy partner on the night, Gary Sanford, delivered two scintillating Hendrix outings, and John wrapped things up with some deep toned harp on a laid back version of "Rock Me". Sugarkane was essentially brought together for the opening night of a new club, but now there's talk of a few more shows. As Ian said at the end of the night, "I've only met two of these players last night", but aside from a few over deliberate nods, you would never have known that.

these clips were recorded by Prakash Acharya using Kodak digital Dual Lens EasyShare V610

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